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Laying plans for August

I’ve got quite a few plans for August so, drum-roll please…


My next paycheck should equal the completion of the future family fund. Yippee! I’ll be having a look at what this leaves as I want to start my emergency fund as well as to start putting some savings back for the holiday and for Christmas. I’m going to be sticking with a weekly budget of £30 for food and £20 for general spending. The rest will be going on the usual bills and travel expenses.


There is so much that needs to be finished that I’ve started going around in circles and not getting anything done. For the rest of the year I’m going to try a new approach: pick one room/area a month and just concentrate on that. If I finish it in the first few days of the month then I get the rest of the month ‘off’. If I get behind then I’ll just have to hurry up so I don’t miss my own deadline. Obviously if I was struck down with a fit of wild enthusiasm I would go with it and do some extra things but it doesn’t seem likely. For August I have decided that it is best to finish the bedroom. I’ve painted the walls and the ceiling but there is still a lot to be done. I need to finish touching things up and then paint the woodwork so I can put the curtains back up for a start. I also need to do the ‘cutting in’, do a bit more decluttering (ah, just when I thought the room was done), reorganise some storage, maybe repaint some of the furniture and shift things around a bit.


One of the best things about Project Shoestring is that it has reminded me of a lot of  things I like doing that cost me nothing. Thus…

I’ve been tinkering with a creative writing project. I didn’t mention it before because I do this quite often and then hit a wall after about 3000 words. However, I’ve managed to write just over 12,000 words and I don’t seem to have run out of steam yet so I’m going to keep at it. Fool that I might be for doing so, I’m setting myself a target of writing 20,000 words in August…

Also, my camera seems to have fallen redundant. This is mainly due to the fact that I haven’t been anywhere much during the many weeks of the tooth drama (dental pain + sleepless nights = no fun…still ongoing). I’m hoping things will be sorted out soon and I can go and skip around in the sunshine taking photographs.

My health and fitness plan for July didn’t really pan out – also due to the wretched tooth ache. However, I have lost a few pounds because I haven’t really felt like eating. Not really the way I wanted to go about it but still! No particular plans on this front except I’m hoping I’ve got enough energy to get out and about again and partake in the aforementioned skipping…

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