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Going BOGOF crazy and Food Diary: Day 4

I just spent a bit more than planned doing my weekly shop in the Co-op but they had some good offers on things that I use so I’ve gone BOGOF crazy for the second day in a row! I spent £40 and something pence so I have roughly £42 left for the last two weeks of the month which should be plenty. They had the stir-in sauces and also Dolmio white lasagne sauce on BOGOF so I stocked up. I don’t generally buy many jars of sauce but I have no patience with making my own white sauce (I know, I know, I should persevere) and the stir-in sauces are very handy for packed lunches. My cupboard is so well stocked at the moment I had trouble fitting it all in. Sausages were also on a offer so I bought an extra pack for the freezer. Pizza were also on offer so I grabbed a couple for tonight as a friend is coming over later. We are going to a birthday party tomorrow night. I already had half a bottle of vodka in the fridge so I picked up some yummy looking pressed fruit juice (apple and raspberry) – two for £2.40. AND Pringles were reduced to £1 so I grabbed a couple to take with us. So I did pretty well all in all…


BREAKFAST: Cereal and tea.

PACKED LUNCH: The same bacon-pasta thing as yesterday, 3 apples, a banana and a piece of home-made flapjack (I made a batch last night). Since it was a colleagues birthday I also had a piece of chocolate cake and three mini muffins!

DINNER: Pizza and salad. And flapjack!

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Day 63: Part 1 – How I plan my shop

I keep a storecupboard list in my filofax and refer to it once a month when I do my big shop. When I’m planning my shopping list I take my list into the kitchen and see what I need to top up on. My list is quite long but here it is anyway:


  • pasta
  • tinned tuna
  • baked beans
  • tinned, chopped tomatoes
  • olive oil
  • stock cubes
  • garlic
  • onions
  • cous cous
  • soy sauce
  • curry powder
  • tea
  • coffee
  • hot choclate
  • sugar
  • sweeteners
  • balsamic vinegar
  • plain flour
  • self-raising flour
  • squash
  • frozen mixed bag of cauliflower & broccoli
  • frozen peas
  • tinned butterbeans
  • sultanas/raisins
  • cheese
  • butter
  • ryvitta
  • porrige oats
  • tomato puree
  • egg noodles

Non-food items

  • washing up liquid
  • loo roll
  • clothes wash
  • scratchy pads & j-cloths
  • bleach
  • bin liners
  • compostable bin liners
  • bathroom cleaner
  • tin foil
  • greaseproof paper/baking parchment
  • cling film

Everyone’s essentials are different but these are ours! It was really worth sitting down and writing this list as it means I have to apply less brain power when trying to plan the shopping – something I tend to find tedious and annoying.

When I plan my weekly shop I check what I have in my freezer (I make my own ‘ready meals’ to save time during the week) so I can plan what we are going to eat over the coming week and how many meals I need to buy for. I haven’t done much freezing lately so I need to get back on it!

I’ll be back later (or maybe tomorrow morning) after the big shop of the month is completed. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I am planning to pay a bit more attention to what I’m buying and eating this month after a) wasting money on snack/junk food over the past few weeks and b) feeling pretty crap for doing so…

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Planning: checking my storecupboard list so I can buy exactly what we need and avoid what we don’t!
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