Shoestring Food

Being able to eat well on a low budget is a key part of Mission Shoestring. Everyone has different preferences and budget constraints but here’s how I’ve managed to get the most out of my own budget:

  • I halved my food budget from around £50-60 a week to £30 (though sometimes it is even less). *2011 update: My food budget has now had to be increased due to prices going up and having a daughter! You can read more about my frugal eating plans here*
  • I’ve been compiling a good selection of recipes which I use on a regular basis using my recipe folder . I find that this is a good way of making sure I have plenty of budget friendly food ideas to hand (plus a few more expensicve ideas for special occasions).
  • I keep a storecupboard list . This is a useful way of making sure you don’t run out of essential items. I do a big shop once a month to stock up on these, which means I only have to shop for fresh produce on a weekly basis.


I’ll be adding more to this section as I go along but if anyone wants to add their own shoestring recipes please let me know.





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  1. Fantasticker and fantasticker the more I read !

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