About me

I started this blog in March 2009. This is what I had to say about myself at the time:

After spending most of my twenties dipping in and of debt, the time has come to start saving, stop shopping and make the most of what I already have.

Ten Things About Me

  1. I am married and live near the sea in the Westcountry (England).
  2. According to my mother, I could whistle when I was 6 months old.
  3. I am a total bookworm and have a degree in Literature.
  4. My favourite novel is The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.
  5. I once saved up and bought myself a ring from Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue.
  6. I have recently started listening to Radio 4. I am not sure if this is a sign of my age (31) or evidence that I am super-cool.
  7. I have an unnaturally obsessive relationship with my Filofax. It is red and made of leather – need I say more?
  8. One day I want to eat gumbo by a bayou. 
  9. I play bass guitar in a band
  10. Since seeing the film ‘Le Divorce’ I have been crazed with desire for a red Hermes Kelly bag. It is never going to happen. 

Since starting the blog there have been a lot of changes. Husband and I now have a beautiful little girl (she started whistling at 9 months – clearly it is in the genes!) and a gorgeous baby boy (no whistling so far). I have gone from having a well paid job, to a considerably less well paid job (considering the current employment market I consider myself very lucky to have work at all). I now work part-time so I can spend as much time as possible with my children and we have bought our ‘forever’ house. This means that the budget is tighter than ever! However, it also shows that by putting our heads down and being being proactive we got to where we wanted to be.

I still love bags (and I still like that Hermes number. It has never been less likely though). Le Divorce is still my favourite film. I still want that gumbo (though I don’t think I could face the long haul flight even if I had the cash). I still love my filofax and listening to radio 4 (if I get the chance). So some things have changed, some things haven’t.

For more info on what this blog is all about, check out the ‘Shoestring Living’ tab. If you would like to contact me my email address is: shoestringalley at yahoo dot co dot uk . If you stop by, please leave a comment and say hi!


17 thoughts on “About me

  1. pennysaverlane

    Shoestring Alley. Big Hi-5 to the thrift! Great tips 🙂

  2. My Life Makeover Journey


    I’ve just discovered your blog and have been having a good read! Sounds like you’re doing really well!

  3. Loving this blog! Going to keep reading. Good luck with all your goals! I have recently been listening to Radio 4 too… and I believe it is clear evidence of super-cool.

  4. shoestringalley

    Thanks ever so much for the comments – I’ll be checking in on all of your blogs too.

    FruGal – I KNEW it! Radio 4 rules…

  5. My dream purse is also the red Hermes birkin. So classic. But also costs more than my car… hmmmm.

  6. shoestringalley

    Yes – the cost of a car v a handbag does seem to be an indicator of whether it should be on the shopping list or not. A company in London called Vanilla Paris do an excellent version for around £100 though!

  7. Just came across your blog – am loving it! And as a born and bred Plymouthian, I feel a certain kinship! Keep bloggin!

  8. shoestringalley

    Ah – a fellow Westcountry blogger! Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

  9. shoestringalley

    Obsessional Confessional – I just tried to click on your link and it says there is nothing there! What is your blog address? I’ll stop by…

  10. Lovely blog and great inspiration to others in the UK trying to live frugally – thanks!

  11. Hello, just thought I’d drop by!

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear, I too have just started to listen to Radio 4 AND I cannot live without my red leather filofax . Oh well, maybe at least this means I’ll at least have a hope of being organised in my advancing years!

    Btw, what is your creative writing project? I’m trying to write a book but I keep getting writer’s block – sigh! That or I write loads then delete great swathes of it because I re-read it and think it’s poo.


  12. Patty

    Hi, I’m the author of the book, Sucking Eggs: What your Wartime Granny Could Teach You about Diet, Thrift and Going Green, which you wrote so kindly about in the late summer. I’m really glad you enjoyed it. It’s made my evening finding it mentioned here.
    Very best wishes,

  13. What a great blog and really interesting too – being an avid money saver I have found a lot of your articles really interesting. Keep up the good work!


  14. Hi love your blog. Your blog and of course yourself have helped inspire me to start my own. Would love to add you to my blog roll if that is ok with you! Keep up the great writing.x

  15. Hiya!

    We love you’re blog, if you could send me your email address that would be fantastic as we’d like to talk to you about our fave blog awards.


  16. Calling all spendthrifts…

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    A new series is being developed for Channel 4 that celebrates the nation’s scrimpers.

    So, if you are over 18, this is the show about smart spending and how to manage your money and still have a life – despite the credit crunch!

    To apply to take part, email money@endemoluk.com

    Remarkable will use any information provided by you for the purposes of selecting participants for the programme and will only share information with Channel 4 and any independent contractors involved in the programme.

  17. Kirsty

    Hello, where have you gone? I miss your updates. Regards K2d.

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