Food shop:


Last weeks food worked out pretty well though I did have to nip out and top up on fruit. I can’t remember the exact amount but it was around 3 pounds.

Sticking to my ‘rule’ about keeping the weekly Tesco order at no more than 50 pounds (including non-food items), this weeks shop has come in at 51.38 pounds. 2.60 of that was on colour catching sheets (they have saved many an item of clothing in the past!) and ibuprofen. So the food spend was 49.78 for this week. for this I have bought:

Greek yogurt, Cheddar, 6 eggs, brioche, loaf of bread, 3 bananas, 2 cucumbers, cheese and onion bread mix, 2 honeydew melons, ice cream, lollies, 2 different kinds of pasta, 12 pints whole milk, 2 packs Ryvitta, babycorn & mangetout, breadsticks, yellow pepper, grapes, frozen mango chunks, frozen cherries, broccoli, 2 packs babyleaf salad, baby plum tomatoes, beetroot, coleslaw, ham, 5 oranges, butter, stir-fry veg pack, celery, 2 packs apples, whole chicken, baby potatoes and strawberries.

I think that’s a pretty good haul all things considered! Here’s the corresponding meal plan (also using things I already have in my pantry and freezer):

Beef casserole and veg

Roast chicken with roast potatoes and veg or salad

Ham with new potatoes and salad

Jacket potatoes (with either tuna, beans or cheese) and salad


Egg salad with new potatoes etc

Eggie bread or beans on toast for the kids / Stir fry for me when I get in from work


Salad is going to be featuring quite heavily for the first time this year. The great, GREAT advantage for me regarding salad based meals is the fact that I can prep all (or nearly all) of it in advance. This means that if the weather is reasonable (ie not pouring with rain) then I can take the kids to the park or the beach after school). This is hard otherwise as they get in STARVING and the  have to wait while dinner cooks. While wanting me to do a hundred other things at the same time!

So hopefully, if all goes well, it should be another week staying within budget.


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