This weeks food shop: 43.34

While this weeks online food shop has only come to 43.34 I did go slightly over my weekly budget of 50 pounds as I spent 9.70 on household items:

Plasters – 1

washing up liquid – 75p

18 loo rolls – 6

3 x wipes – 1.95


The food spend of 43.34 went on:

2 x honeydew melon – 3.50

Babycorn, asparagus, baby sweetcorn and tenderstem broccoli – 4

Pack of stir fry veg – 1

Chicken portions – 3.50

Chicken and mushroom pie slices – 1.50

12 x yogurts – 2

Skimmed milk, 2 pints – 75p

Whole milk, 12 pints – 2.96

Baby plum tomatoes – 1

Cucumber – 42p

Potatoes – 1.19

Broccoli – 39p

Red grapes – 2

Bananas – 61p

Brioche x 8 – 1.20

12 x gala apples – 1.50

6 eggs – 89p

20 lemon and ginger tea bags – 75p

3 x Napolina pasta sauce jars – 2.70

Breadsticks – 1

Ryvittas x 2 – 1.60

Frozen salmon fillets x 8 – 5.60

Fishfingers – 1

Bread – 75p

Ice cream – 1

Butter – 85p

Frozen yorkies – 49p


From looking at the above you’ll note that while we eat quite a lot of fresh produce I unapologetically don’t make everything from scratch! My kids don’t like my homemade pasta sauce at the moment so while Napolina have a fab offer on of 90p per jar I’m stocking up. We like Tesco frozen yorkies at 49p a bag – I can’t make them in small quantities for that price. And a pack of fishfingers are always handy to have in the freezer!

The big treats this week are the honeydew melon and the ‘posh’ vegetables. We usually only have carrots and broccoli but, as I mentioned the other week, I’m trying to broaden the food the kids are getting access to at home. At 4 pounds for three packs of vegetables it seems a lot but I think it’s worth it. I also stocked up while there was such a good offer on frozen salmon.

While I will be using things that we already have in the pantry and the freezer, you can see I am also stocking up for future weeks (with the salmon and pasta sauces etc).

Here’s the meal plan:

Tuesday: Jacket potatoes (some with beans, some with tuna mayo)

Wednesday: Chicken and mushroom pie slices with veg

Thursday: Eggie bread / Stir fry

Friday: Pasta

Saturday: Chicken Korma with rice

Sunday: Salmon with a light cheese sauce and veg

Monday: Random bits – there are always bits and bobs leftover! Failing that either pasta or something from the freezer.

The kids tend to have some variation on brioche, yogurt, fruit or scrambled egg for breakfast. Ditto me. Husband doesn’t eat breakfast. Neither kid would eat toast daily (seriously – once a week MAX) and neither has every ‘got’ cereal.

I don’t plan lunches particularly. Husband comes in and out and grabs something depending on what work is like that day. I tend to go for Ryvitta and / or soup (there’s always a lot of soup portioned up in the freezer as that’s how I make sure no veg goes to waste). My son (2) tend to eat some of whatever we’ve come up with but he’s not hugely keen on ‘lunch’ and my daughter get free school dinner as do all kids under 7.

And that’s it!

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