Home Improvements on a Zero Budget

One of the things we’re really aware of is that we ought to be getting ‘on’ with the renovations on our property. We managed to buy at a low price because of the amount of work that needed to be done. However – we really can’t afford to spend anything on it right now! We must, must, must get some money put back in general savings. If there were funds available for anything extra then I would be totally spending them on some kind of family holiday – even if that was a seriously last minute two-nights-an-hour-down-the-road kind of affair. I would so love to be able to give the kiddos something that felt like a holiday this year. Which makes home improvements a rather forlorn third on the list.

But! I still want to feel like we are moving forward and improving our home for the better. Thus I have been, and will continue to be, contemplating the way in which we can improve our home – for nothing.

Well, ok, in an extreme pinch I might empty my purse of change or scurry up enough for a small pot of paint or another second hand dining chair from the tip (more on that another time) but hopefully you get my point.

In some ways this is an offshoot from decluttering, reorganising and spring cleaning. But it is surprising how just moving things around or reorganising how a corner is used can be quite a dramatic home improvement – and it doesn’t have to cost a penny.

In the last month or so I have had some SERIOUS decluttering sessions and really made progress with certain areas of the house. We have a very awkward cupboard under the stairs that I managed to donate LOADS of things from, mainly baby related stuff that we don’t need anymore. As this freed up a lot of space I managed to store away some things that we don’t need on a day to day basis but we should definitely not throw away as they will get used again in the future. In turn this has made the rest of the house less cluttered for not having these items ‘out’.

We also had a semi disaster a few weeks ago when the weight of Husband’s fish tank suddenly became too much for our aged and fragile sideboard which began to collapse. By an extraordinary stroke of fortune we had an alternative piece of furniture on our garage. Some friends were giving it away a year ago and although we had no where to put it in the house we said we’d take it as it was so nice. Hey presto, Husband scurried up the road and managed to make the switch before the sideboard collapsed totally.

Unfortunately the replacement is a table with one drawer rather than a sideboard with three cupboards and three drawers. However, since I had been decluttering like a demon I managed, over the course of a week inbetween work and looking after the kids, to relocate everything that we wanted to keep. And we didn’t have to spend anything! We must take the broken sideboard to the dump though. The back garden is beginning to look like Steptoe’s yard…

I’ll be thinking up other zero budget home improvements that I can make over the coming weeks. I’d love to hear if anyone else has managed any zero (or almost zero) budget improvements!

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