January: 15 in 15 report

I’m planning to report back at the end (ish!) of each month to see how I’m doing with my 15 resolutions in 2015. So for January…

1. Improve health: I’ve been to the dentist, got my last free check-up and also arranged for the crown to be fitted (also free). I’ve been to the doctors about my skin. Next step is an oral medication which I can’t have yet as am still giving baby boy once feed a day. I’m planning to phase that out by the end of February so should be able to have my treatment then. I’ve also been to the doctors about the ongoing post pregnancy/caesarean pain I’ve been having. I’ve had an internal exam (super fun) and have been referred for an ultrasound (just to be on the safe side – doctor is convinced I’m okay). I have also been referred for physiotherapy as my stomach muscles have not knitted together properly which is why I’m getting a lot of discomfort from ridiculous things like…standing up for more than 10 minutes (not kidding). Thankfully this doctor has agreed that a year is long enough to have been patient and it is time to get proactive. If I had not made this resolution I am sure I would have just let a lot of this drag on so it has been worth it for this if nothing else!

2. Get to target weight: My weight is a disaster. See post on this later. Good news is, my action plan starts today!

3. More self care: I’ve been taking more care of my skin by trying to use up a lot of old body creams etc. Whenever I do this I end up thinking ‘Why don’t I do this all the time?!’. My skin feels great. My facial skin has been really crappy as I’ve been trying to leave it alone due to the skin condition. However, I’ve started using my face mask and gentle exfoliator again, just on the unaffected areas. This has made my face look much better overall so I’m going to carry on. Need to get hair cut though…

4. Build a capsule wardrobe: Hmmm. The weight thing is still stopping me here though I did ask for a new shirt (in an unfavoured size) as a present, just to have one nice thing to wear. I wore it on my birthday. I also bought an extra long vest top from Next (only £6) which is AMAZING as it stop that horrible gap from emerging between your jeans and your top. Particularly when you are constantly strapping mini people into car seats / dismantling pushchairs etc. I am too old for that gap. Cheerio.

5. Personal projects & hobbies: I found a discounted online course in something I am really interested in. For £12! I hope to start this in the next month.

6. Replace 2 windows: We have £35 in the pot which, considering the many, many, many birthdays we have in January is nothing short of a miracle.

7. Rebuild ISA: Nope. But I did hear back from the tax credit people. We should be getting something for the tax year 15-16 so the plan is to put all of this money (plus up to £32 a month from our joint account) into the ISA until it is back to £3k.

8. Save £500 Emergency fund: This also has £35 in it, just like the window fund. I am contemplating reorganising this but we’ll see!

9. Stick to budget/cash system: Mostly but not as well as I could have!

10.Work effectively: Still finding the juggling act tricky. Have also found an online course for work. I’ll have to pay for it and do it in my own time but it should help me with my projects. Plus is was discounted to £39 and will look good on my CV should I ever need to dust it off!

11. Quality family time: Making this resolution has been good at creating awareness. I hate to keep banging on about the birthdays but it has been crazy around here. Hopefully things will now settle down to ‘normal’ and I can carve out more time. There has been a lot of music playing and dancing though which is always a good thing!

12. Be organised at home: I’ve been quite good here and have really spent time looking at where my time is going and what I need to get done each day. More on this in another post.

13. Eat well (and on budget): I have no idea how I’ve done budget wise. Honestly, I haven’t paid enough attention. This is one of my main focuses for February. And I’ve eaten like a pig!

14. Set a better example: Probably not but I am trying to be more aware!

15. Home Improvements: Husband went around the house with a pot of white paint and a paint brush (both of which were left from previous projects) and painted over various marks and scuffs.

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