Cauliflower Soup from the River Cottage Baby & Toddler Cookbook

image I recently made made a batch of Cauliflower soup which is absolutely gorgeous. It has a luxurious, creamy texture to it that feels really indulgent. Every time I have some I feel like I’m having a bit of a naughty soup instead of a healthy one – and yet it has no dairy in it at all! Baby boy likes it too (that’s his pirate bowl and blue spoon, not mine). I got the recipe from the River Cottage Baby and Toddler cookbook. This book is FANTASTIC. I have borrowed it three times so far and have been copying out recipes each time. I will buy a copy eventually but not before those windows are replaced!               image As this book is marketed at parents of babies and toddlers I think a lot of people who would like the recipes in it wouldn’t pick it up. Personally I prefer recipes like these that are quite simple. I prefer the taste, they are usually relatively quick to make and less fussy ingredients usually means more budget friendly! This book has loads of good ideas in it and PAGES of information on how to prepare and store gluts of veg, what children needs to eat at different ages etc. Seriously, this book is once of the best recipe books I’ve ever read. The Cauliflower Soup recipe is going into my folder of beloved recipes that I make again and again – it’s always nice to find a new addition!

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3 thoughts on “Cauliflower Soup from the River Cottage Baby & Toddler Cookbook

  1. Libraries are great for recipe books aren’t they! So often you only want to use one or two from a book, but they are really inspiring to read and I get loads of ideas to use even though I may not use the recipes themselves. Use them or lose them with libraries these days!

    This ticks several boxes doesn’t it – not spending on the recipe, cooking stuff from scratch yourself, and healthy tasty food. What could be better?

    • shoestringalley

      Yes, I also use them for ideas more often than for specific recipes. Have you got any recommendations for books to look out for?

  2. Hmm. The ones on my shelf I turn to most often for actual recipes is the Delia Smith cookery books 1,2 and 3. Veeerrrry old! The ones I read most often for inspiration are Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook (I find this useful when I have veg or fruit to use up and run out of ideas – I have an allotment), anything by Madhur Jaffrey, anything by Yotam Ottolenghi, anything by Claudia Roden, and River Cottage Veg Every Day. I also use a Jewish cookbook a lot (Evelyn Rose is the best), this reflects my cultural heritage. For breads and jams and pickles I use the River Cottage handbooks, they’re brilliant.

    Though mostly what I refer to for recipes is my own cookbook where I have written down the recipes I use the most (e.g. tried and tested cake recipes, recipes using allotment produce, my mum’s recipes).

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