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I’m still managing to keep myself entertained on a very tight budget. The above two books came from Tesco where they have a corner for used books which you can pick up for a 50p donation. I’ve just finished Sharp Objects from the author who wrote Gone Girl which I finished reading a couple of weeks ago. Note to self: If Stephen King says a book is ‘relentlessly creepy’ then it is. I couldn’t put it down though! I haven’t started December yet. I mainly picked it up because I’ve been craving a book set somewhere wintery. Dos anyone else get mood/setting/era based reading cravings or is it just me?!

I also downloaded A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf which I love. I was going to read my paperback version but I don’t get much chance to read ‘real’ books and I find a Kindle easier to read in bed. Since it was only 49p on Amazon I thought it was a good investment and I’m looking forward to re-reading it.

So, a total spend of £1.49! I’ve also started making a list of books to order from the library – mainly recipe books. I used to be really good at ordering books from the library but then fell out of the habit. In my county, the library website is actually quite difficult to navigate and it has put me off. But I really ought to as it is such a great way of reading without spending too much!

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2 thoughts on “Budget bookworm

  1. Yes, I’ve been using our library lots recently. Its great, I’ve been reading lots of inspiring and beautiful recipe books and books about growing food that would have cost a fortune to buy. Libraries are such an important social good aren’t they!

  2. shoestringalley

    I totally agree. I’ve just borrowed the same recipe book for the third time this year – it’s got so many good recipes in it! I’d buy a copy but I really ought to throw every spare penny at the savings funds. 🙂

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