Budget food and food budgets



After my pantry sort out I was feeling inspired to get using the things I already had. In particular a pack of sausages that had been lurking in my freezer since October. My favourite recipe in Jack Monroe’s book is the Sausage and Lentil One-Pot. I’ve made it several times and it was so good I’m afraid I completely forgot to take a photograph I was so keen to get on and eat it! The whole family likes this one. I hadn’t made it for over 6 months so it was baby boy’s first go at it and it was a hit. I did have to go out any buy some red lentils as, post-pantry organising, I realised I was out of them. I’ve actually cooked more recipes out of Jack’s book than any other recipe book I’ve ever had. I hadn’t picked it up in a while (we’ve been in firefighting mode re. sleep, work, illness, school etc or Christmas-ing for ages) but was pleased to find some inspiration between its pages. I also made the lemon version of the Paddington Puddings which we had last night with custard. Again, total photo fail. We just ate the lot!

I picked up the Tesco food magazine when I was last in there. I so rarely read a magazine these days. It seems weird to me that I ever read so many, never mind had the disposable income to buy them all. Anyway, there are some nice ideas in there that I’d like to try so that turned out to be a nice, free treat!

I’m thinking about recording all of my food spending during February. Maybe all of my spending overall, just to see exactly what is going where. Our food budget is £220 per calendar month. Each month I can’t help thinking that I could spend a bit less and save the difference but that’s probably a bit optimistic. Still, I think it would be a good time to look at our food budget and see if it needs adjusting.

PS Do you like my new mug? I got it for Christmas. I love all of the Cath Kidston London prints and had been oggling this mug for ages! Small things 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Budget food and food budgets

  1. I bought my Mum in Law the London Prints tea towel – she loved it!

    • shoestringalley

      I love those! I’m particularly obsessed with the guardsmen print. I wanted to get baby boy the bib for his birthday but I left it too late and now I think it has been discontinued 😦

  2. I too have down sized the magazines and find that the freebies have lots of really good short articles, recipes, coupons and other things in the pricey magazines. I’m trying to use the library more for current issues to read while there, and I’m so out of fashion the way it is, I can check out back issues from a previous year, and still be calendar timely.

  3. shoestringalley

    Yes, I managed to get a coupon out of this one so I’ll have to remember to pick one up next time I see they have a new edition out. I don’t go to a Sainsbury’s very often but I always like their in house magazine too.

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