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One of the things I love about birthdays is the excuse to buy flowers! So far (out of our closest family and friends) we’re two birthdays down, five to go. It feels like a marathon at times. So, we’ve thrown the only party we’re going to be throwing this month and now I’m enjoying the flowers, bunting and leftovers (all on an impressively small budget of course)!

How is everyone doing with their New Years Resolutions? Due to all of the birthday-ing I don’t feel like I’ve really got going yet but some progress has been made.

Resolution 1 – Health: I’ve had a check up at the dentist and managed to squeeze it in before my free medical care ran out (you get free dental treatment and prescriptions while pregnant and until your baby turns one). I also got the ball rolling on getting my first ever crown. Because the problem came up during my maternity leave the crown will also be free which is excellent news as we’ve got so many other things to save up for. Making a resolution regarding my health was a good one here as I would probably have put this off otherwise. I know the crown needs doing (and will look better) but it doesn’t exactly sound like a barrel of laughs.

Resolutions 6 & 8 – Replace 2 windows and save £500 emergency fund: We’ve put £20 in each fund which I think is probably as far as we’ll get this month due to all of the birthday madness but it is a start!

Resolution 7 – Get ISA back to £3k: I’m still not sure what the balance on this is going to end up at but I think we’ll need around £1k to ‘repair’ this ISA. I’ve finally managed to sort the sums out on our earnings in this financial year and I am hopeful that we are due a back payment in tax credits. If we are, all of the back payment will go towards repairing the ISA. £1k is such a huge sum for us to find on our budget that we can’t afford to waste an opportunity to replace a chunk of it. Fingers crossed.

Resolution 11 – Quality family time: Making a resolution about this has been really helpful in focusing my attention. I’ve definitely made better use of little pockets of time that have cropped up. It’s easy to think ‘Oh I’ve got 10 minutes and they’re happy playing, I’ll get on with X Y Z’ but instead I’ve played or read a book or sat down for a cuddle and a chat. I’ve no idea how they feel about it but I love it! I think a lot of this resolution will focus on using little bits of time together to properly connect rather than days out or grand gestures etc as it is really in the boring humdrum of the everyday where the effort pays off.

Resolution 15 – Home improvements and maintenance: Husband went around the house yesterday and touched up all of the white paintwork on the walls where there were scuffs and black marks etc. We have a giant tub of white emulsion from when we decorated baby boy’s room so we didn’t have to spend anything to do this. Our living room, kitchen and dining area are all painted white as are both children’s rooms which makes life very easy!

I’ll be back when I’ve got more progress to report…

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5 thoughts on “Resolution update!

  1. You’re doing great so far! Good news that the crown is free – that’ll save you a fortune. Last time I had one it wasn’t too bad, so I hope it goes smoothly for you 🙂

  2. Oh those household jobs…. Somehow they always take less time than it feels like they’re going to while I’m busy procrastinating. And soooo satisfying when you’ve done them, can enjoy the difference it makes, and can cross them off the list! Well done for making a start so early in the new year.

    • shoestringalley

      Thanks! I’m trying really hard to stay focused on my plans for the year and not lose momentum!

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