Family and Home Resolutions for 2015

Some of these relate to family things, some to the house itself but all contribute to our overall home life!

11. Quality time

Yes, I know. It couldn’t be more of a hackneyed expression, could it?  But now I’ve got two children and one of them is at school I’ve never been more aware that quality time is something that you have to fight for. Particularly if no one is sleeping properly and you are always in firefighting mode. I have no specific goals within this reolution. It is to create awareness. Time needs to be carved out each day for a bit of fun or down time together and preferably a little bit focused on each child. Between managing the school run and nap times at home and working from home but also working from the office and doing all of the housework and cooking all of the meals and doing all of the financial stuff I seem to spend the day charging from one task to another without stopping often enough.

I am also going to start going to an extra group with baby boy. He goes to the one at the library which we love but hasn’t really been to anything playgroupish. We have a children’s centre that rund a free weekly group so there’s no excuse really. I’m going to try to make it there twice a month (while also going to the library group at least 3 times a month).

12. Being organised at home

This encompasses everything from daily routines to organising where everything goes. I figure the more organised I am at home, the more time I will have to spend with the kids and going to bed early to get more sleep!

13. Food and eating well

As our needs as a family evolve I have to keep re-asessing this. As a bare minimum though, 5 a day and I’d like us to be eating a lot more veg than in recent months (I’ve been hunting out new recipe ideas to achieve this). And we also need to stick to the monthly food budget of £220.

14. Setting a better example

This is one of the resolutions I’m making that will be hard to measure but here it is none the less. This covers a myriad of things including sitting up properly at the table (why do I even need to remind myself about this? Hunched shoulders and arms slumped over the table while eating or writing are so not a good look. Also it gives me neck problems but that’s beside the point…). Also, speaking properly (nothing like hearing some very slangy talk from your own child to realise what you need to curb), saying please and thank you (why correct a child for this constantly when most adults actually appear to be rubbish at it?) and not getting cross/grumpy so easily (getting more sleep makes a big difference plus I just need to make an effort to be more patient).


15. Doing Home Improvements on an almost zero budget (and fixing and maintaining things)

You’ve seen our financial plans. £500 for windows and £500 for an emergency fund, not to mention £1k ish in ISA replenishing. There’s going to be very, very little left for fripperies but we still need to do a lot to finish the house. However, there are things that are free or very cheap to do (like digging up my overgrown front garden) and I want to focus on those (when I’ve got time!) so we at least feel like we are moving forward and can see some changes making place.

Also, and this sounds weird, but we are really, really crap as keeping up with basic maintenance. Lights without working lightbulbs, dead batteries, things hanging off that need to be screwed back in. We replaced light bulbs in our bedside lamps a month or so ago. They had been dead for nearly two years! Why?! This resolution shouldn’t cost more than a few pounds each month. It is madness and it must stop.

And there you have it – my 15 resolutions for 2015. Happy New Year to everyone that stops by! xxxxx

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2 thoughts on “Family and Home Resolutions for 2015

  1. Hi there! I came across your blog a few days ago by chance, and found what I read so interesting that I have now read the whole if your archive. It reminded me vividly of how things were when my (now fully grown) sons were born and growing up. Like you, finances were a struggle, time was always in short supply, and sleep even shorter. But it was all so very worthwhile!
    I’m at a different stage in life’s journey. My boys are both young adults with partners of their own, I am semi-retired as of 6 months ago, and despite some caring responsibilities for our parents, my husband and I at last finally have some time and breathing space for ourselves.
    One of my personal challenges for this time was to start writing a blog. I’ve taken some baby steps, and plan to learn more and develop it as the year goes by. I’ve learnt a lot to help me get started from the wonderful and inspiring blogs I read, and yours now joins that roll call – despite all the demands on your time and energy, you manage to write well and interestingly. Thank you!
    All the best for 2015

    • shoestringalley

      Wow, thanks Deborah – what a lovely comment! Let me know when you get your blog up and running. Happy New Year!

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