Technical issues!

Just when I think I’ve got technology sorted and can blog easily again I am beset by problems. I’ve tried to do a post with the update on my September plans and goals but it just won’t let me type it out. The cursor keeps jumping all over the place and various other ridiculous problems. All the more reason to learn how to use Husbands laptop (no I didn’t get around to it).  I’m drawing a line under it! We’re only a week or so into October so I’m going to set some goals in spite of being the most sleep deprived I’ve been since baby has been born. He is now waking up every 2.5 hours through the night. I am praying this is some kind of peak that we are about descend the other side of! Still, life doesn’t stop just because you need a break does it? I’ll be black later (if I can!) with details….

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2 thoughts on “Technical issues!

  1. Nothing worse than sleep deprivation. I feel your pain and wish I could whip up a remedy, but sadly I can’t…. Just cling onto the thought that when your nippers become teenagers you’ll have the opposite problem because they’ll want to sleep all day! x

    • shoestringalley

      Thanks Wendy! I’ve actually started on this already and made myself go to bed last night even though I really wanted to hang out and read for a bit. Even though I had to get up once I think I got around 6.5-7 hours sleep in total which is amazing these days! I already feel better for it :-). Hope you’ve had a good Christmas xx

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