House inventory – Part 1

  • I’m not even sure that ‘inventory’ is the right word for what I’m doing anymore but it will have to do! The end of September is looming and I haven’t done as well as I would have liked with all of my plans (weight loss, I’m looking at you). But I’m about half way through with the house inventory so – onward!

Master bedroom

  • Replace the light bulbs in both bedside lamps (ridiculous to have left this for over a year!)
  • replace lampshades on bedside lamps. The bases are lovely but the lamps have spotting from damp. Not a good look!
  • Repaint walls. This won’t be happening any time soon but this is supposed to be a complete list! We painted over the wallpaper and it’s really patchy.
  • Paint woodwork including door. Again, won’t be any time soon but needs doing.
  • Plaster over hideous artexing. Ok, this will never happen. I will never have enough spare money that I will think this is a good way to spend it but ugh.

Accessorise! Literally not a single decorative item or piece of artwork in this room yet. Must start collecting ideas.

  • Framed pic of baby boy needed to go next to pic of Girlie.

Replace the broken handle on the window. Kind of need to open it from time to time…

  • Sort jewellery etc storage/display and set up dressing table type area. Possibly swap chest of drawers for a bureau that could double up as a dressing table and desk for when I need to work somewhere quiet.

Downstairs loo

  •  See if we can replace ridiculously small sink for a larger one.
  • Replace hideous mirror.
  • Replace small, plasticy wall cabinet for a larger one
  • Get rid of dark, corner shelving thing.
  • Look into larger shelf to have high up with baskets for storage. Also somewhere to store medical supplies to free up space in pantry.
  • Either refurb or replace horrible coat hook thing.
  • Tiles on walls and floor not really to my taste but in good condition and relatively new. See if I can think of a way to lighten it up in there!

Dining area (downstairs is L shaped and open plan)

  •  New curtain pole (long term goal. The current one is fine but I have something specific in mind for a later date!)
  • Curtains. ASAP. I cannot live with the dusky pink velvet curtains for much longer.
  • Put up pics properly. We randomly shoved things on the walls wherever there was a hook when we moved in. It is not a good look. Need to move things around using what we already have for now and then slowly look for print particularly for this area.
  • Lighting. The overhead light we bought from IKEA looks good but actually gives off a pretty cold light. I do like it though so would like to find a place for an extra lamp or similar for softer lighting to use at different times of the day.
  • Create a laptop station.
  • Get more cube shaped baskets for our IKEA shelving unit.
  • Either recover chair pads or replace chairs. One chair is cracked so need to weigh up the nest use of £ here.
  • Get rid of the ‘fancy’ artex. See note on artex in bedroom!


  • Replace the terrible shelves. We currently have three (over our second freezer). See if we can increase this to 4 or 5 shelves.
  •  Paint walls.
  • Replace floor link/vinyl. Should be easy to get an off cut.
  • Wall mount the plastic bag holder.
  • Add some hooks for storage.

Some of these things will be done in a few years. Some can be done now. Some are just general maintenance. It’s actually been a really good exercise in realising quite how many oddly thought out and broken things we put up with on a day to day basis! I’d better crack on with the rest of the house now….


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One thought on “House inventory – Part 1

  1. I love this! A big, master to-do list! Good luck 🙂

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