Plans for September

September! I love September. It’s still my favourite month of the year. Still the time of year I feel most ‘New Year’ ish. School seems to have got off to a good start but we’re only four days in so time will tell. I’ve been so wrapped up with Girlie’s first few days at school that I haven’t been able to post here, though I have been making plans. I will be going back to work in less than two months (nooooooooo!) and Girlie will be doing full days in a few weeks time so we’re definitely in a time of transition. I’ve made a few plans, I’m not sure I could exactly call them goals, to make use of this time and to fully embrace the Septemberishness (yes, that is a word). 

  1. Lose weight. Specifically, 6.25 pounds. I would like to be at my target weight by the end of November (which gives me December as back up to really make sure I am at target by the end of the year. This is one New Years resolution I never want to make again!). If I lose 6.25 pounds by the end of September this should put me well on course to achieve this.
  2. Find a new daily rhythm that suits us all. Now school has started the demands of the day are shifting and evolving and I want to make each day as stress free as possible. Girlie has had a few stressful  moments which is understandable given that she has just started school not long after her fourth birthday and I want to make each day as stress free and enjoyable for her as possible. We’re already off to a good start on this but I’ll probably post more about it over the next few weeks.
  3. Adjust baby boys routine. His sleeping is all over the place and it hasn’t helped that I keep having to drag him out of the house to do the school run during his longest nap of the day. This shouldn’t be a problem when Girlie is doing full days and he can sleep at around lunchtime! I also want to pay a bit more attention to what I’m feeding him when etc and make sure I’m keeping up with his needs as he gets older. I can’t believe he is 8 months old! I also need of have him in more of a routine so my parents can follow this when I am at work and they are looking after him.
  4. Develop a – loose – routine to the week. I’d like to start taking baby boy to a few groups or activities but I don’t really want to get into anything that I will have to give up when I go back to work. I am still waiting for my parents to confirm which days they can look after him so I know exactly when I’ll be working and when I’ll be free. I’d like this resolved by the end of the month. 
  5. Do a house inventory. I’ve mentioned this before but it got lost in the summer holidays although I did quite a bit of reorganising. As our family develops we need different things from the house (ie places to keep certain things etc) so I need to keep on top of this. But mainly this will be a way of working out what is broken, what needs clearing, what needs fixing etc. 
  6. Catch up with paperwork. Enough said!
  7. Work out where I am with our grocery budget and stick to it!
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4 thoughts on “Plans for September

  1. Hello! I can’t believe your holidays are over already and that it’s time for routine to take back over! Your plans sound good though and good luck. I’m well back into my work and home routine – hence no time for blogging sadly! x

  2. shoestringalley

    Thanks! I’m doing better with some of these than others. I’ll be reporting back at the end of the month…

  3. September does feel like a time to get things started. Good luck on your plans. I can’t believe we are moving into October in less than a week. I love reading about your sweet little family-hope you keep finding the time to do so.

    • shoestringalley

      Thanks for your lovely comment! I’m hoping that by making plans each month and then following up I get to blog a bit more often again!

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