Days 35, 36 & 37 of 40: Be the party pooper

Day 35: We took a trip with some friends to a nature park that had tonnes of really sweet activities and talks for the kids. It was absolutely brilliant and one of my favourite days of the holidays so far. Baby boy woke me up three times during the previous night (teeth – argh!) so I unapologetically bought three coffees through the course of the day 🙂 . My total spend was £24. 

 This brought the spend for the week to £109.80!

Day 36: Another day out with a bunch of friends, kiddies and various rides and things to go on. Total spend £21.

Day 37: Ended up having a bit of a rubbish day to be honest. I could explain why but…there’s enough negativity in the world already! I have a recurring conflict where I can see things are going to unravel but I don’t want to always be the party pooper and call time on having fun so I let it go and then end up having a nightmare. Note to self: Be the Party Pooper. And say no. Both are fine if they mean the last lovely sunny family day of the holidays doesn’t get wasted and no children end up having an epic meltdown through over tiredness. Enough said! 


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