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House inventory – Part 1

  • I’m not even sure that ‘inventory’ is the right word for what I’m doing anymore but it will have to do! The end of September is looming and I haven’t done as well as I would have liked with all of my plans (weight loss, I’m looking at you). But I’m about half way through with the house inventory so – onward!

Master bedroom

  • Replace the light bulbs in both bedside lamps (ridiculous to have left this for over a year!)
  • replace lampshades on bedside lamps. The bases are lovely but the lamps have spotting from damp. Not a good look!
  • Repaint walls. This won’t be happening any time soon but this is supposed to be a complete list! We painted over the wallpaper and it’s really patchy.
  • Paint woodwork including door. Again, won’t be any time soon but needs doing.
  • Plaster over hideous artexing. Ok, this will never happen. I will never have enough spare money that I will think this is a good way to spend it but ugh.

Accessorise! Literally not a single decorative item or piece of artwork in this room yet. Must start collecting ideas.

  • Framed pic of baby boy needed to go next to pic of Girlie.

Replace the broken handle on the window. Kind of need to open it from time to time…

  • Sort jewellery etc storage/display and set up dressing table type area. Possibly swap chest of drawers for a bureau that could double up as a dressing table and desk for when I need to work somewhere quiet.

Downstairs loo

  •  See if we can replace ridiculously small sink for a larger one.
  • Replace hideous mirror.
  • Replace small, plasticy wall cabinet for a larger one
  • Get rid of dark, corner shelving thing.
  • Look into larger shelf to have high up with baskets for storage. Also somewhere to store medical supplies to free up space in pantry.
  • Either refurb or replace horrible coat hook thing.
  • Tiles on walls and floor not really to my taste but in good condition and relatively new. See if I can think of a way to lighten it up in there!

Dining area (downstairs is L shaped and open plan)

  •  New curtain pole (long term goal. The current one is fine but I have something specific in mind for a later date!)
  • Curtains. ASAP. I cannot live with the dusky pink velvet curtains for much longer.
  • Put up pics properly. We randomly shoved things on the walls wherever there was a hook when we moved in. It is not a good look. Need to move things around using what we already have for now and then slowly look for print particularly for this area.
  • Lighting. The overhead light we bought from IKEA looks good but actually gives off a pretty cold light. I do like it though so would like to find a place for an extra lamp or similar for softer lighting to use at different times of the day.
  • Create a laptop station.
  • Get more cube shaped baskets for our IKEA shelving unit.
  • Either recover chair pads or replace chairs. One chair is cracked so need to weigh up the nest use of £ here.
  • Get rid of the ‘fancy’ artex. See note on artex in bedroom!


  • Replace the terrible shelves. We currently have three (over our second freezer). See if we can increase this to 4 or 5 shelves.
  •  Paint walls.
  • Replace floor link/vinyl. Should be easy to get an off cut.
  • Wall mount the plastic bag holder.
  • Add some hooks for storage.

Some of these things will be done in a few years. Some can be done now. Some are just general maintenance. It’s actually been a really good exercise in realising quite how many oddly thought out and broken things we put up with on a day to day basis! I’d better crack on with the rest of the house now….


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Plans for September

September! I love September. It’s still my favourite month of the year. Still the time of year I feel most ‘New Year’ ish. School seems to have got off to a good start but we’re only four days in so time will tell. I’ve been so wrapped up with Girlie’s first few days at school that I haven’t been able to post here, though I have been making plans. I will be going back to work in less than two months (nooooooooo!) and Girlie will be doing full days in a few weeks time so we’re definitely in a time of transition. I’ve made a few plans, I’m not sure I could exactly call them goals, to make use of this time and to fully embrace the Septemberishness (yes, that is a word). 

  1. Lose weight. Specifically, 6.25 pounds. I would like to be at my target weight by the end of November (which gives me December as back up to really make sure I am at target by the end of the year. This is one New Years resolution I never want to make again!). If I lose 6.25 pounds by the end of September this should put me well on course to achieve this.
  2. Find a new daily rhythm that suits us all. Now school has started the demands of the day are shifting and evolving and I want to make each day as stress free as possible. Girlie has had a few stressful  moments which is understandable given that she has just started school not long after her fourth birthday and I want to make each day as stress free and enjoyable for her as possible. We’re already off to a good start on this but I’ll probably post more about it over the next few weeks.
  3. Adjust baby boys routine. His sleeping is all over the place and it hasn’t helped that I keep having to drag him out of the house to do the school run during his longest nap of the day. This shouldn’t be a problem when Girlie is doing full days and he can sleep at around lunchtime! I also want to pay a bit more attention to what I’m feeding him when etc and make sure I’m keeping up with his needs as he gets older. I can’t believe he is 8 months old! I also need of have him in more of a routine so my parents can follow this when I am at work and they are looking after him.
  4. Develop a – loose – routine to the week. I’d like to start taking baby boy to a few groups or activities but I don’t really want to get into anything that I will have to give up when I go back to work. I am still waiting for my parents to confirm which days they can look after him so I know exactly when I’ll be working and when I’ll be free. I’d like this resolved by the end of the month. 
  5. Do a house inventory. I’ve mentioned this before but it got lost in the summer holidays although I did quite a bit of reorganising. As our family develops we need different things from the house (ie places to keep certain things etc) so I need to keep on top of this. But mainly this will be a way of working out what is broken, what needs clearing, what needs fixing etc. 
  6. Catch up with paperwork. Enough said!
  7. Work out where I am with our grocery budget and stick to it!
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Days 38, 39 & 40 and the end of the summer holidays!

Day 38: Girlie spent the afternoon with my parents and had a sleepover so I had chance to have a major sort out and tidy up at home. No spending!

Day 39: A day in a nearby town – spent £6.20.

Day 40: a trip to the library in the morning and tea and cakes out with friends £4.20. The rest of the day was spent at home in anticipation if the start if school!

I didn’t set out to keep note of my spending for the holidays but I ended up doing it anyway! I didn’t have a set budget in mind either, just a vague idea to make the most of every free event going and to have a few ‘big’ days out scattered evenly over the 6 weeks. It worked out pretty well. We spent £297.55 which I actually think is pretty good. It sounds a lot but I bet most people have no idea how much they’ve really spent. I know people who have spent around that in one week!! The average spend comes to £49.59 a week which I am more than happy with!

I’ll be back as I get into September – my favourite month I the year!

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Days 35, 36 & 37 of 40: Be the party pooper

Day 35: We took a trip with some friends to a nature park that had tonnes of really sweet activities and talks for the kids. It was absolutely brilliant and one of my favourite days of the holidays so far. Baby boy woke me up three times during the previous night (teeth – argh!) so I unapologetically bought three coffees through the course of the day 🙂 . My total spend was £24. 

 This brought the spend for the week to £109.80!

Day 36: Another day out with a bunch of friends, kiddies and various rides and things to go on. Total spend £21.

Day 37: Ended up having a bit of a rubbish day to be honest. I could explain why but…there’s enough negativity in the world already! I have a recurring conflict where I can see things are going to unravel but I don’t want to always be the party pooper and call time on having fun so I let it go and then end up having a nightmare. Note to self: Be the Party Pooper. And say no. Both are fine if they mean the last lovely sunny family day of the holidays doesn’t get wasted and no children end up having an epic meltdown through over tiredness. Enough said! 


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