Days 27, 28 & 29 of 40

imageWe’ve been so busy I’ve barely had time to post here! Here’s a quick round up:

Day 27: We went to the cinema to watch a family film. As this was part of a kids club this only cost £9 for our whole family (Husband has had a couple of days off) which I thought was great. I also used the opportunity to go to a TK Maxx to get Girlie a really good waterproof coat. Fortunately the list from school specifies a warm, waterproof coat but doesn’t dictate colour or style. Girlie only had a very thin showerproof mac or a thick winter coat from last year. This was ok but last winter I remember thinking that next winter I’d like to buy a coat that was properly water and wind resistant and was a bit thicker. This one has a lovely fleece lining and is pretty as well – win! I also managed to get a pair of canvas shoes for her in her new shoe size so she doesn’t have to wear her new school shoes all of the time. Obviously I not counting this spending as our holiday spending. We bought some food while we were out too so our total holiday spending for the day was £15.

Day 28: we went to the park place that we have the season tickets for and met up with some friends and spent nothing!

This brought my total spending for week 4 of the school holidays to £22.25.

Day 29: Both Husband and I wanted a slight change of scenery so we drove a few miles away to a very pretty thatched pub that has a large play area outside. We enjoyed the low afternoon summer sun with coffees and a bowl of chips. Girlie had a great time and baby boy always likes hanging out somewhere new with lots of trees to look at. The pub even had a stack of magazines so I read my first magazine this year! It felt ridiculously indulgent. 

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