Days 25 & 26: The start of school is looming

Busy day in the ‘Smoke’ yesterday doing some serious shopping! Okay, maybe not serious by some people’s standards but still! The trip was all about getting Girlie measured for her very first pair of school shoes so we did that and had time for a poke around a few other shops too. I managed to get 2 really nice pairs of trousers for baby boy for £5.99 each and I bought myself 3 new T shirts at £3.99 each. I wasn’t going to buy any clothes but then I figured that if I lose so much weight they look too big then they can go in my comfy drawer (I don’t actually wear pajamas so I have a few T shirts and smartish jogging bottoms for wearing in the evening). I have actually been on a mission to smarten up the contents of the comfy drawer so that might work out quite well! And for now I get to stretch out my remaining wardrobe just that little bit further. I also bought baby boy two proper bibs (we’ve been managing with odds and sods) and a couple of new cup/bottle thingamies. Oh and an advance Christmas present! But the only thing I’m counting for our holidays spending is the £10.94 on lunch as the trip was not ‘leisure’ shopping but planned for ‘ended’ things.

Today we went to a local magic show and bought some Smarties to share with friends tomorrow so the total spend for today is £5.25.

I feel in a bit of a funny place at the moment. With only two weeks left until my lovely girl starts school, on one hand I’m looking forward to it because it will be good to get more of a routine going again and because I think school will be great. On the other hand I am dreading it because I am going to miss her so much and – usefully – people keep banging on and on about how they are never really ‘yours’ again once they start school etc etc. And you are so very tied to that Monday to Friday term time. Like for a looooooong time. And it seems such long days, so many in a row to be apart. And she’ll be doing so many things that I won’t even really know about because kids are totally rubbish at explaining what they’ve been doing. And I want to know that she is alright and kiss her face a hundred times a day. Honestly this isn’t like me at all. I’ve always encouraged her independence and was so happy for her to go off to pre-school. But the start of term is looming and I almost just want to get it over with now. Off with the plaster!

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