Day 24 of 40: Tears and Tantrums

Wow, the days just seem to be zipping by now, don’t they?

So, this morning there were serious tears and tantrums going on in our house…it was me, not the Littles. Firstly I joyfully logged on to my internet banking to do the monthly shuffling I do upon getting paid only to discover that I have not been paid all of my money. I am in basic maternity pay which is £138 ish a week but it should have been a 5 week month on my company’s pay schedule but they only gave me 4. So I have nearly three weeks of summer holiday left, loads of school related things to pay for and I have £40 to spend instead of £178. Clearly some fairly substantial head scratching, figure shuffling and frantic calculations will have to ensue. 

Immediately following this I wrote a shopping list based on the meal plan I wrote last night. I was trying to remember how much bread we had in the freezer so I went to check it and DISCOVERED THAT IT WAS SWITCHED OFF AND HAD DEFROSTED ITSELF AND ALL OF ITS CONTENTS. That would be bye bye home made ready meals, frozen fish, meat…all the expensive stuff. I won’t bore you with exactly why this happened but I’ve re arranged things in the pantry so it shouldn’t happen again. So I had to clear the whole thing out…


All of it. There wasn’t anything salvageable. I had a £4 off a £30 shop voucher so I took myself off to Tesco (amid much swearing and muttering I confess) and spent £52.52 on some shopping for the next week or so and enough stuff to almost fill it back up again. Whole chickens were on offer at half price so I bought two. I had also run out of really expensive things like coffee and hot chocolate. I always have Highlights hot chocolate in the cupboard for my evening treat – it stops me sending Husband to the corner shop for a bar of Galaxy! Tesco currently has a jar on offer at £3 if you’re interested. I was surprised to see Carte Noir was actually the cheapest coffee not from an own brand (which I think is ok but a bit meh) at £3 for a 160g Eco refill pack. I haven’t tried it yet. 

As you can probably tell, today has mainly revolved around the pay and freezer problems. Girlie has been with my parents and baby boy and I have hung out at home since the supermarket. Rather than carry on running around in circles I’ve sat down for half an hour and read a book I downloaded for free on my Kindle while letting baby boy roll around on the floor and chew all of his toys! At lease, aside from the food shopping, the day didn’t cost anything else,

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2 thoughts on “Day 24 of 40: Tears and Tantrums

  1. How annoying! The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago and I actually cried, I was furious at how much had gone to waste. But these things happen, no point dwelling on it and all that…! x

  2. shoestringalley

    Not just me then! It’s so frustrating isn’t it? X

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