A wardrobe in waiting

When I tidied our bedroom the other day I was seriously, seriously tempted to pull everything out of our huge (to me) built in wardrobe and do a full on clean. However, not only was I too tired but there is just too much stuff in there and I’m not ready yet. While I would generally agree that you shouldn’t hang on to old clothes that are now too small, I have been doing just that. My body is a work in progress! I had baby in January and since then I have lost exactly 49 pounds. And it s still coming off, provided I pay attention. It slows down when I have ‘off’ days when we go out or have something special and I’m fine with that. I planned to give the whole process a year. The total I had to lose was 66.25 pounds. Specific, no?! So 49 down, 17.25 to go. I really believe I can do this. If I can’t, then I’ll settle for 13.25 but that’s my lowest offer 🙂 . 

I have been adamant that I am not buying clothes for the period between my starting weight and my finishing weight. There is no point. I don’t have enough spare budget that I can waste money on clothes that are only going to fit me in the short term. I have big plans for buying myself an all new capsule wardrobe once the weight is off and I feel it has genuinely settled. Until then I’m trying to make do. I’ve been wearing some outfits that, to my eye, are sometimes bland and sometimes bizarre. God knows what impression I give the people I’ve met in the last year! With every few pounds I lose I find there are a couple of old things that I can get into. The process has been that I can suddenly get something on but it looks awful. Then about 5 pounds later not only can I get it on but it also looks nice. Then 5 pounds after that I can either bin or donate it my depending on its condition because it is too big and I can get into something else. And so on. I have a bag of autumn/winter maternity clothes that I am planning to sell in a few months time. I have bags of different sized clothes both under my bed, stuffed info drawers and still up in the attic. I am trying not to let it drive me mad. It will happen. I cannot wait to get rid of all of this stuff, some of which is 10 years old. Some of it is great and I’m looking forward to wearing it again. A lot of it says nothing about the person I am now. I also unapologetically looking forward to buying myself some new things. I have made two clothes purchases this year. One was a stretchy pair of black trousers from Tesco which are a bit like yoga trousers (ie slightly baggy version of leggings!) which I only bought as I couldn’t wear any of my other trousers due to my size and my caesarean scar. In around March I also bought myself a T-shirt that cost just under £4 from H&M. When I got it home and tried it on it looked AWFUL. But now, more than a few pounds lighter, it is my favourite thing and I have worn it almost to death. So here we are in August and my total clothing spend for the year so far is £12! I can honestly say that has never happened before! I didn’t set about doing it, it just happened that way. I am going into ‘town’ in the next few weeks and might pick up another T-shirt if they have some at a similar price. But then I might not – as I said I don’t really see the point. 

My wardrobe is waiting. The old favourites are waiting to be worn, the horrible old, soon to be too large stuff is waiting to be finally made redundant and the wardrobe itself is waiting to have a thorough spring clean. Eyes on the prize!

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4 thoughts on “A wardrobe in waiting

  1. Claire/Just a little less

    Hi there! Loving your frugal summer diary. You’ve done amazingly well with your weight loss – don’t forget you’ll probably find more weight will fall off you if/when you get back to work. Look forward to hearing more about your capsule wardrobe. Yes, tray bakes are absolutely the way to cook: prepare ingredients, slam in the oven and enjoy the time you have waiting for your meal to cook.

    • shoestringalley

      I had to go back to your blog for a second drool over that recipe! Will definitely be giving it a go, probably once school starts. I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to buying new clothes. It’s the first time in five years that I feel some serious clothes shopping us well and truly justified!!

  2. Well fine on the fantastic weight loss! I’ve lost 10 lbs of a much bigger amount I’d like to lose and just starting to find some of my clothes are too big. Like you, I don’t want to buy much along the way,so it could be interesting!

    • shoestringalley

      Well done Debbie! 10 pounds is such a noticeable amount isn’t it? My will has been flagging a bit in the last couple of weeks, probably because I feel like I’m on the final stretch. I was only thinking this morning that if I lose 10 pounds although I won’t be quite at target I know that I would be at the weight where I can wear ALL of my old (nice!) clothes! Finding a bit hard to keep focus but I found out I had lost another half pound earlier which is always a boost 🙂

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