Day 17 &18 of 40: Taking lack of sleep to a whole new level

Argh – I wish I knew why baby is sleeping so badly at the moment. He is 7 months old and chewing like a maniac so I’m assuming it is teeth. I optimistically check his mouth every morning thinking a tooth will have popped through, ready to explain everything but nope. Bare gums every time. I had a major sense of humour failure at around 4.30am having had only 1.5 hours sleep at which point Husband intervened and I managed to get another 1.5 hours sleep in the single bed in baby’s room while baby and Husband went to our room. Nights like that make the days sooo hard.

It was probably just as well that we had a play date to go to this morning as it meant I had to get us up, dressed and out of the house. After a rough night I tend to find I feel much better if I get out for a bit. The play date was lovely and since we headed home by midday we’ve had the rest of the day at home to relax. Well as much as you can relax when you are entertaining a 4 year old while looking after a baby! We’ve made fairy cakes, watched a couple of favourite DVDs and now Girlie is upstairs playing in her room and baby is rolling around the floor in the living room clutching a toy snake. I am sat at the table avoiding all of the things that I probably ought to be doing while they are occupied.

Yesterday was a visit to my parents and a day of tidying. After I tackled the kitchen I headed upstairs. Because of my morning tidying (as mentioned in a recent post) it was quite easy to dust all of the surfaces and give the bathroom a clean. I bagged up various bits I found including a bag of things to go to a charity that my friends are involved with, another bag of clothes to go to the fabric recycling bank, some things we have that need to be returned to Girlie’s pre-school, a bag of toys left behind by some friends and a cup a little girl left here a while ago. It is all hanging in bags on my coat rack so I can locate them easily when I have chance to pass them on. I also headed to the supermarket to stock up on a few things as we had run out of bath/wash for the bubs, shower gel for me, my body puff thingamie had unravelled itself countless times and needed to be binned and I had run out of deodorant. Since Girlie was with my parents I could take my time choosing the best bargains and I bought two of everything so I don’t get caught out again!

in terms of holiday spending, the only thing I have bought was – shock horror! – actually for the adults of the house! I don’t really get to go to the cinema anymore and so I was waiting with baited breath for the DVD release of Divergent. We watched it on iTunes last night so for yesterday and today the total holiday spend was £3.49. Not bad going!


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