What needs to be done? : The Kitchen


I decided to start sorting the house out by tackling the kitchen. As I said in my last post, I didn’t go in with a list of to do’s, instead I just asked myself what needed to be done to make it clean and tidy and to work out any problems. I did the following:

  • Took all of the flyers, pictures etc off the fridge door and put them away or binned them, cleaned it down and then emptied the fridge and have it a quick wipe over inside. I gave the freezer drawers a quick tidy and popped home made baby food that I frozen in ice cubes into freezer bags 
  • Tidied up my little cupboard full of Tupperware type boxes
  • Tidied my big wall mounted corner cupboard and sorted my baking supplies
  • Reorganized the two super narrow wall cupboards I use for cups, glasses, mugs etc so that I have a decent space for all of the plastic cups we use on a regular basis, my own water bottle etc. I don’t know why I didn’t figure this out before – it is going to make life so much easier!
  • Tidied and wiped down my shelves (see above)
  • Wiped down all of the work surfaces, the sink and the bid windowsill that we use for storage. Also all of the wall tiles. 
  • Decanted anti-bacterial soap into the pretty glass dispenser instead of having the plastic thing out that it came in.
  • Made a neat pile of paperwork that needs to be dealt with THIS WEEK.

I have made a mental note that sometime I need to:

  • Sort the big (now neat!) pile of post in the letter rack. 
  • Clear out down the side of the fridge.
  • Clean and tidy the two massive and very awkward corner cupboards.

Since we only had the kitchen ‘done’ last year there isn’t much that really needs to be done now. The only thing is that one wall has started to get grubby and could do with a lick of paint at some point. I’d also quite like to paint a blackboard area but I need to think about how we do this as I know Girlie will get waaaaaay over excited about this and I could just end up with a very dirty wall!

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6 thoughts on “What needs to be done? : The Kitchen

  1. I’m so glad your back!

  2. Great minds think alike… Am back to work on Friday so keen to get everything tidy, organised and in its place. Saves so much time doesn’t it? Well done!

  3. Your kitchen shelves look great. You should add more pics.

    • shoestringalley

      Thanks! I rarely put pics up from around the house as I am slightly phobic that someone I know will stumble across this blog and say ‘hang on a minute!’…perhaps I should be more bold!

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