Day 16 of 40: What needs to be done?

We had a lazy morning at home as today was the only full day Husband has had off in the last week. We spent £1.60 on lollies when we went out earlier and then went to a birthday party. So a nice day with family and friends and barely any spending!

The house needs a bit of attention at the moment. I’ve been doing my basic tidy ups in the morning and the evening but haven’t had a really good cleaning and tidying session since the summer holidays began. Apart from the very odd occasion I have pretty much given up writing ‘to do’ lists. I always end up putting things on there that aren’t particularly important and then get fixated on doing them while somehow missing the big picture and accomplishing the things that really count. Am I making any sense? When I write a list I tend to get very focused on JUST those things. So now what I tend to do is just walk into a room and think ‘What needs to be done?’. If the answer is ‘not much’ then I walk back out again – there’s no point in making dull work for yourself! In recent posts I’ve listed the things I do every morning and evening but I didn’t sit down one day with a notepad and a pen and think ‘What do I need to do to make things run more smoothly?’ – I just sort of let it develop naturally.

Anyway, the house needs a really good clean, tidy and sort out. Babies have needs that evolve really fast. Their clothes sizes only span 3 months because they grow so fast and their needs and abilities change all of the time. This tends to mean that things quickly become obsolete and you accumulate unwanted ‘stuff’ everywhere. I need to have a good sort out and work out what we don’t need anymore and what best to do with all of the things. We also seem to have a collection of other peoples things that have been left here and need returning! ALSO, we stopped doing any home improvements because a) we’d spent all of our money and b) baby arrived and took up all of our remaining time and attention 🙂 . Now we’ve lived here a while I’d quite like to develop a list for each room/area detailing what things we need to buy, replace, redecorate or re-think. That way, if a good opportunity or a sale or something similar crops up we know exactly what we need. It will also help when I am back at work and we are able to start saving up for some small projects.

So. No list as such. I will just walk into each room and ask myself ‘What needs to be done?’. I’d like the house sorted by the end of the week!

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