Day 15 of 40: A quiet one

We had a much needed quiet morning at home. I’ve really appreciated there being so many little events happening locally and, because there is usually very little happening in our small town, the temptation to go to EVERYTHING is almost overwhelming. Particularly as I know they need people to show up to justify organising future events. But after yesterday I decided quiet time was needed. Not much happened. I fell in to that weird tidying vortex where you keel cleaning and tidying and more mess appears nearby. I read a quote the other day that said something like ‘Cleaning while my children are in the house is like eating Oreo’s while you’re brushing your teeth’. I’ve read a lot of quotes over the years but you don’t get much more accurate than that! 

Anyway, we did wander out this afternoon for a couple of hours to the park and for drinks (non-alcoholic! Why does the word ‘drinks’ always sound boozy?). Total spend £3.60. I’m not counting the spend when we went to Tesco to buy nappies, baby wipes, toothbrushes etc!

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