Day 14 of 40: One of those days

Bit of a long day today. Baby boy managed to wake me up 3 times in the night. It’s definitely teeth as he wasn’t hungry. Then we went to a park with some friends and Girlie and one of her little mates were naughty, serious words were had and the outing was cut short and we came home. It’s been two long weeks of excitement following a week of leaving pre-school celebrations…in some ways I’m amazed we’ve got this far without incident! I AM TIRED!!

However, I’ve managed to find some new free titles to download on my Kindle and we only spent £3 today. This brings the total spending for week 2 to £19.65 so we just managed to squeak in under £20. Not that that was the aim, just weirdly satisfying!


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2 thoughts on “Day 14 of 40: One of those days

  1. Oh my, I don’t miss being woken up by a little one during the night. No wonder you’re tired! My youngest was 17 yesterday, got up to open her presents before her Dad went off to work, then went straight back to bed til lunchtime! Well done on your budget, I am truly impressed and in awe. I attempted to spent as little as possible today but it was uniform shopping day…. Oh well!

  2. shoestringalley

    Ah, happy birthday to your daughter! Re the budget I should point out that I’ve bought food, petrol and nappies etc in this time and not counted it as part of the holiday spending as I am only tracking what I’ve spent in the name of fun and entertainment! We had our very first uniform shopping day a few ago. Just the shoes to get now!

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