Day 13 of 40: Off to market

Today we combined a trip to the dentist for Girlie (20 perfect teeth the dentist said thank God! I live in fear of her having to have a filling) with a trip to a country market. We stopped for lunch in a lovely little cafe that had a walled garden and also bought a tiny garden ornament that Girlie fell in love with. I bought a new piece of oilcloth for our table as our previous one was looking seriously sad and tired and covered ink and who knows what from various crafting projects! I had been eyeing it up for several months and, as we don’t go that often, I decided to seize the opportunity. The afternoon was a low key one at home where I tried to tidy up and sort things out like the order that Amazon messed up by sending me two of everything I ordered – grrrrrr (it was school supplies for September, nothing frivolous I promise! So today I’m counting the garden ornament, the lunch and cakes as holiday spending, totalling £9.30. The table cloth was for our home which comes from separate funds. The biggest spend day of the week so far which I think is pretty good going!

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2 thoughts on “Day 13 of 40: Off to market

  1. Nice to catch up on your posts since my last visit – you’re doing so well with your budget during your holiday, not like me at all! And I’m very envious of how organised you are as well!

  2. shoestringalley

    Hi Wendy! The budget is going much better this week. I doubt it will last into next week though!

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