6 of 40: Big spend day!

Today was one of our planned big spend days though I confess I am still a bit annoyed at how expensive it actually was. Since we’re not going away during the hols at all and Husband is taking two long weekends rather than a week off we thought, roughly, that we’d have one big day out during each long weekend. By big I mean going somewhere where the entrance fee is more than a couple of pounds, you spend the whole day there and it involves a longer than usual car trip! Anyway, we decided to go to a theme park type place since we haven’t really been to one before. It was ruinously expensive to get in and even I was shocked at how many extras were geared towards getting children to nag their parents to buy them a load of tat/sugary c**p. I was particularly annoyed at how expensive the games we’re where you could allegedly win a toy. All we saw were children crying because their parents had spent a fortune trying to win and failing. There was a documentary about these games on TV a year or so ago. Most of them are rigged so the house always wins. It’s awful. We told Girlie that they weren’t real prizes but a bit of a mean trick and that she could pick a little something from the gift shop at the end if we didn’t have any fuss about not playing the games or buying giant bags of candy floss etc (she chose a small dolphin toy that she has played with for hours so far – much better in my opinion!).

We bought a bag of sausage rolls and a bag of brioche to take plus our own cold drinks. Once there we also bought two coffees, a portion of chips and three ice creams. I can’t work it out exactly as Husband paid for most of it but it came in at around £70 which seems an eye watering sum really. And we brought most of our own food and drink with us!! And didn’t do the games! There were crowds of people spending like crazy – where do they get the money from? Madness.

That said, it was a lovely day out. There were some great rides and play areas which our girl loved and she bounced and sang and laughed her way around the whole place. Baby boy is still little enough not to have an opinion – he just likes being out and about with everyone. I would go back but not more than once a year. I think we’ll probably stick with our usual ‘big day out’ venues which are more animal / wildlife centred!

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2 thoughts on “6 of 40: Big spend day!

  1. Like you I often look around and wonder how on earth people can afford to go to these places, especially when you see how much they pay once they get there on extras. It’s on days like this that I hate adding it all up and working out what I’ve spent! My girls are much older (19 and 16) and the thing they love is to eat out, which is rare… When we were in London a few weeks ago we went to eat and the bill came to more than your day out! Terrifying! Glad you enjoyed your day out though and sounds like your little girl had a ball!

  2. shoestringalley

    I know! I keep wondering what they’re all doing that I’m not, to be able to afford it all. Eating out is rarely cheap but I confess it is one of my most favourite treads 🙂

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