Day 3 of 40: Visiting and bargain hunting

We went and visited my parents this morning and then Girlie stayed on for lunch and a visit to her Great Gran while Baby boy and I came home. I was planning to put my feet up for a bit but…well it never plays out like that does it?! He started getting a bit restless so I went in to town, got a couple of books out from the library (I’ve already started The Tin-Kin which is great so far) and posted my Lovefilm disc back. I also picked up some accessories for £2.50 as we are going to a fancy dress party on Friday…the rest of Girlie’s costume can be cobbled together from what we have at home. I also called in to Co-op to see if there were any bargains and majorly scored…

Two packs of chicken thighs reduced to £1.13 each and a big pack of chicken pieces for £1.75! They are already safely in my freezer. I also got a loaf of bread for 56p which will be handy as we are officially in picnic season 🙂 .The chicken and bread came out of our food budget so my only spend today was £2.50.
I finally did get chance to relax in the garden on a blanket with the bub. I love barefoot weather…especially when lovely chubby toes are on show…


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One thought on “Day 3 of 40: Visiting and bargain hunting

  1. Cutest chubby toes I’ve ever seen… They just don’t look the same when they get to 19 and have scarlet toenails…! x

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