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We headed off to a great community event today…a giant picnic where you could bring or buy food, dancers, musicians, lots of people in fancy dress and games for the kids to play…it was great! Not a lot gets organised in our small town so it was lovely to have such a fun and different day right on our doorstep. Girlie and I made fairy cakes this morning to take and share with our friends. Last night I made up some extra pasta with red pesto and mozzarella so we could have easy packed lunches plus a sandwich in case anyone wasn’t up for the pasta. I also remembered to take drinks for everyone so we didn’t need to spend any money even though we were out for the whole day. I put £1.50 in the pot as there was a collection for a local charity.

It’s been a really busy weekend and, annoyingly, my caesarean scar is playing up so I’m looking forward to a more low key day tomorrow. Baby boy slept his first 8 hour stretch last night without waking up once! If I’d known I would have gone to bed earlier to make the most of it but you know how it goes 🙂 . Some babies seem to be sleepers, some not. Girlie’s sleep was horrendous. Baby boy has been pretty good, just waking up for a quick feed once a night and going back to sleep but he has been waking up more while the weather has been so hot. Hopefully this is the start of things to come! I was up late watching the Dallas Buyers Club which I thought was really good. I still have the Lovefilm subscription and can have one disc at a time which is how I watch newer releases. I also really like the fact that I can watch a huge range if films on ‘Instant’. When we got in earlier, Girlie was really tired out and chose a Disney film to watch quietly while I tidied up! cleared the bags and got tea ready. It’s been very handy! Now all I’ve got to do is try and make it upstairs before I fall asleep…

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