And we’re off! : 1 of 40

I don’t know what I’m more surprised about – the fact that the summer holidays have begun or that I have a child old enough for that to be of any particular significance! I was so sad yesterday, her last day at pre-school. It is such a fantastic place and the ladies that work there are brilliant. I’m really going to miss them. People keep telling me that it’s okay because I get to go back when baby boy is old enough but it isn’t the point – my little girl won’t be there. She won’t be that little anymore. Still, there’s the whole of the summer holidays at our fingertips! I worked out that we have 40 days of holidays and over the last few weeks I have been frantically noting local events that we can check out and making plans with friends. My ideal week has a couple of definite things booked in, a few possibles and a good dose of empty space so we can just wake up and see what we feel like doing. Some of the stuff we are doing will be free, some will cost a few pounds and some will be treat days where we spend a bit more.

Today was the last day of tennis (the only activity she is signed up for) and then we went to a friends house for coffee and a play. This afternoon we met up with a group of friends and went to a village show nearby. I was quite disappointed that the entrance fee was £4.50 for adults! For a small village show! Still, we all had a good time. Between the entrance fee, the bouncy castle, lucky dips, ice creams and a couple of treats from craft stalls we spent £14.50. It’s not too bad I suppose but still more than I was expecting! Oh well, it was a nice start to the holidays 🙂

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3 thoughts on “And we’re off! : 1 of 40

  1. WooHoo, holidays here you come! There’s no better feeling is there? I stopped for my hols at the end of June so am completely at one with the holiday vibe now and it’s great. I run a Nursery and if it makes you feel any better, the ladies will miss your little one and you just as much as you will miss them – it’s a very special time to share isn’t it? Enjoy your days out x

  2. shoestringalley

    Ha, it’s funny you say you ‘at one’ with the vibe. I am suddenly feeling that myself! I’ve been on maternity leave since December but the end of term has definitely given the next 6 weeks a different feel. Nice to hear the littles are missed. Earlier on my girl asked if she could take one of her fairy cakes to have in her packed lunch and I had to explain that she wouldn’t be having her packed lunch there again. She forgets. I don’t think the reality of it has really kicked in yet. Probably just as well! I feel very lucky that the pre-school had such a great team and such a good manager. I made sure I told them before we left too! X

    • They’ll have really appreciated that, it’s always good to hear that you’re valued and appreciated! Bless her for forgetting she was on holiday, I don’t have that problem! x

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