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A slight pause

I have felt terrible about not posting for the last couple of weeks – how rubbish to stop so soon into a challenge!! However, Mum duties always have to come first and we’ve been dealing with so much illness in this house I’m amazed no one has come along and painted a Red Cross on our front door. Actually, maybe someone has. I haven’t left the house in days. We’ve had ear infections, chesty coughs, terrible colds, conjunctivitis and – my real favourite – a vomiting bug. My poor girl hasn’t kept anything down since Sunday. As I type she is watching TV, eating a cracker and I have bowl poised. Parenting is not for the glamour seeker! The doc says you can be contagious for 3-5 days so the real kicker is that I don’t know if the rest if us are going to get it. I’ve been trying to keep my 12 week old at one end of the room and my daughter at the other, frantically washing hands etc as I look after each of them. It’s hard work! A vomiting bug is no fun for a baby though so I’ve got to try. Plus I’m worried that if I get it I won’t be able to stay hydrated enough to keep breast feeding. Gah!! Hence I have not been around and won’t be continuing with the challenge until we’re all in the clear. Fingers crossed!

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