Day 4: Making my first EVER credit card payment

Yup, I’ve gone and got my first ever credit card. I never did the whole credit card thing though my husband did and it took years to pay off. I had to pay off one and one actually got paid off by the mortgage so I suppose we’re technically still carrying the debt. Anyway, I’ve always been a bit uncomfortable with the idea of making big purchases with my debit card as you don’t get the same protection but I was always more uncomfortable with the idea that I could get sucked into debt vortex and never come out. However, in the new year I decided it was time to take the plunge. Tesco Offer a credit card where you get extra clubcard points when you shop with them and you can even earn points when you use it in other shops. I am planning to save my clubcard points up for the whole year year and then spend them at Christmas. You can usually double your points when you spend them on toys just before Christmas which will be a real help as I will only just be back at work by then. I got my first statement today and am off to the bank to pay it in. I’ve also got to pay in a couple of cheques (one of which I had forgotten about – yay!).


My highly technical financial planning system consists of an old-school cash book, a pen and calculator! No fancy spreadsheets in this house! I reserve a page for keeping track of what purchases I have made on the credit card to make sure I am allocating the correct amount in order to pay it off in full as soon as the statement arrives. I also keep track of all spending on my debit card though, since I get more Clubcard points the more I use the credit card I can see myself using the debit card much less often. Tesco know how to reel you in don’t they!

My little girl is at pre-school today and baby has been having a marathon nap, hence I’ve had time to sort out the above as well as put all of the dry laundry away and the damp laundry scattered through the house on various radiators. I’ll leave a bit early to pick her up so I can go into town and get the banking sorted. I haven’t got to go to any shops at all so it will be another No Spending Day. Right, I’m off to go and find a baby to cuddle.

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4 thoughts on “Day 4: Making my first EVER credit card payment

  1. Attila

    We have registered our debit and credit cards with Quidco so we get a small percentage back every time they are used (eventually), so potentially you could get that too. I use a cash book like yours for our joint current account and we bank online. Everything that goes on the credit card goes in a separate note book and if it’s something from the monthly budget, I transfer it into a savings account that we call the piggy bank, to pay off the credit card each month. Anything big on the credit card comes from savings e.g. washing machine, car servicing.

    • shoestringalley

      Sounds like a good plan. I’ll have to look into that too!

  2. Please don’t… you can manage without a credit card.

    • shoestringalley

      Don’t worry – I’m only using it to get the points and the buyers protection! I won’t ever be using it as actual credit and it will be cleared every month before it gets a penny of interest 🙂 .

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