The 100 day challenge – take 2!!

Not long after I started this blog (5 years ago this month believe it or not) I decided to embark upon a 100 day challenge. It seemed quite a long stretch at just over 3 months but it was a good way of establishing a certain kind of discipline in being a more considered and moderate consumer. I’m never going to go off grid or become deeply frugal out of choice (and hopefully never out of necessity) but I think I would benefit from having another go at it.

Five years down the line we are on a much smaller income and yet we have a much bigger mortgage and two children to support. To be earning so much less after such a long time might seem somewhat backward and yet I think it is just a sign of the times. I don’t currently have any very specific financial goals – I’m not saving up for anything or trying to pay anything off – I’m just trying to live off what we’ve got, have some funds put to one side for emergencies and have a bit of fun along the way.

The rules of the challenge are the same; I need to do at least one thing every day that either saves or makes money or improves our life in a budget friendly fashion. To make this a bit easier to quantify I’m going to break how this can be achieved into categories, some of which are the same as last time and some have been adapted or changed entirely:

  • Planning
  • Financial management
  • Making the most of what I/we already have
  • Doing things for free or an a small budget
  • Considered spending
  • Home Improvements

Let the shoestring fun begin!

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3 thoughts on “The 100 day challenge – take 2!!

  1. Great challenge! Good luck. I’ve got too much home stuff (dealing with insurance, earthquakes, selling my flat) to do this at the moment… but I like the look of this so may put it in my “to do this year” pile!

    • shoestringalley

      Yikes, anyone dealing with earthquakes has all the challenges they need! Hope all is well 🙂

      • All is well, overall I’ve been very lucky. However, after 3 years it’s finally my time for the repairs to start on my place so it’s a case of dealing with contractors vs insurers, finding somewhere for my cat and myself to live for somewhere between 3-6 weeks! The upside, is it will be done by winter 🙂 The downside is I hate packing! Definitely yet another declutter chance!

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