Day 1: A Sweet Start

Baby boy is nearly 9 weeks old and, since I’ve had various set backs following my caesarean, finding any sort of routine has been something of a slow process. However, we do seem to be settling into a very laid back version of a routine. Baby was asleep again by 9 o’clock so I decided to use the opportunity to do some baking with my little girl. We made peach and white chocolate muffins. The recipe was from the fabulous new book ‘A Girl Called Jack’. I had never been so excited to buy a cookery book as I was to buy this one! It is actually supposed to be a traybake but I didn’t have the right sized tray so had to improvise and just cut the baking time. I already had the ingredients (I had picked up a 30p bar of tesco value chocolate in anticipation of making this recipe) so I didn’t have to spend any money today. Plus I let my little girl have a go at cracking the eggs and she was so proud of herself for not getting any bits of shell in the mixture.


 We took some to share with my Mum and Gran, after sampling – er – more than one and then froze the rest (it made 18 muffins if you’re interested). Nom.

So, this was the sweet start to the 100 day challenge: visiting relatives and baking cakes using things I already had (ingredients and petrol!). 

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