Plans for March

I thought ‘plans’ sounded a bit more laid back than goals! I am on maternity leave after all… Image There are a few things I’d like to achieve this month – some I really want to get done and some that I’ll be taking a more relaxed approach to. Mainly, though, it is going to need to be a very shoestringish month as I way overspent in a bid to overcome my technological challenges (read: I bought a new computer and am  in denial/ having difficulty justifying having spent money I shouldn’t really have spent. Seriously, if you’re looking for the frugal hardcore you’ve come to the wrong place.). So. Belts need to be tightened and we need to get through March with minimal demands on our finances while still getting on with life. And so, here’s the plan:

  • Go to at least one new baby group
  • Make fun and frugal plans for every weekend so we don’t overspend but also don’t sit around at home climbing the walls with boredom either
  • lose 8 pounds (a smidge under 2 pounds a week which I don’t think is unrealistic)
  • print and frame a photo of baby boy
  • No personal spending on stuff. Not even virtual spending, like downloading books on my Kindle. No, no, no. But yes to moderate spending like going out for a coffee with the other Mums etc as this is good low cost socialising for the whole family in my book.
  • get through all of the medical appointments. We’ve got two 60 mile round trips for baby boy to have a hip scan (he seems fine but there is a family history so they are checking just to be on the safe side) and again for him to attend the jaundice clinic to check everything is ok. I’m doing my best not to get paranoid about this one. Then we’ve got my check up plus his first round of jabs. Not much fun!

i could add more things but really that is enough to be getting on with and I want to make sure I get all of it done!

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6 thoughts on “Plans for March

  1. Claire/Just a little less

    HI, congratulations on your new baby boy. Wishing you luck with your March plans. I agree, it’s so important to connect with other new Mums xo

    • shoestringalley

      Thanks Claire. I took my daughter to loads of groups and it was lovely that she knew so many children already when she started pre-school (advantage of small town living!). It would be nice if I could manage to do the same for this little one. Luckily all of the groups we go to/ went to are either free or cost £1. I’ll report back!

  2. Good luck for March! On the kindle thing… does your library offer an electronic book service? My one does. Even if there’s a charge it should be cheaper than online spending.

  3. I was going to say the same thing about the library – I download onto my kobo all the time from the library service, And there is the bonus of no late fees – when the time is up, the book just disappears from your device.

  4. shoestringalley

    Hi Heidi and Susan, Thanks for your replies! Funnily enough my Mum got a Kobo for just that reason. I did dither but ended up with the kindle last summer. Although I can’t borrow from the library there is a Kindle lending library which I haven’t explored yet and LOADS of free books which get changed quite often so I’ve got no
    excuse really 🙂 . Plus I’m saving my pennies for the new Daisy Goodwin which is out at the end of the month – I’ll make myself wait until April Fools Day!

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