My perfect Saturday plans

I’ve got a seriously domestic weekend planned. The weather is still awful and it’s been an unusually long and tiring week. My daughter seems to be coming down with something and could probably do with a bit of quiet ‘home’ time. I know I could.

Yesterday afternoon I gave the bathroom a good scrub down and I also tidied, dusted and polished the two bedrooms. There is a third room upstairs which technically is a bedroom but in actuality is a junk room. I don’t know how I lived without one for so long. Don’t know what to do with it? Chuck it in the spare room! It currently houses a wardrobe, a folded up camp bed, a mattress for the camp bed, our old dining room table, the now redundant cot, about 50 books, every photo album we’ve ever owned, a child sized tent and who knows what else! One day I will sort this room out properly. But not until our bedroom has been decorated at least.

Anyway, junk room aside the whole of upstairs has been thoroughly cleaned, hoovered and aired. Today I have tackled downstairs. I’ve tidied and dusted the living/dining area, a wipe down and tidy up of the kitchen and a hoover. The hall also had to be tidied as I still haven’t worked out where to put coat hooks. I’ve also given the front porch a bit of a sort out and managed to wedge a small piece of furniture out there that was taking up space (and was inaccessible) in the hall. I’ve also sorted out the pantry which I’ve been meaning to do pretty much since we’ve moved in.

Depending on my frame of mind I either love or loathe housework. Since I’m in a domestic frame of mind at the moment I’ve quite enjoyed doing it – particularly as I got the most time consuming bits done yesterday. It feels good to have got so much done. My daughter and I made another batch of fruit scones (I doubt there will be any left by bed time but hey-ho) and we’re planning to make some bread rolls this afternoon. I have two packs of bread mix and they need using up! Particularly since we ate the last of the bread this morning.


Selected cheese is 3 for 2 in Tesco at the moment. Last week I bought the Value mozzarella as part of the offer. I was impressed that it’s usual price is only 44p. I’m going to make pizza for dinner with sweet potato ‘fries’. Nom. My big plans this evening involve a bowl of home popped popcorn (but only if I break my pact not to leave the house) and our Saturday occasional treat of a movie on iTunes (new releases are usually around £4). It couldn’t be better!

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2 thoughts on “My perfect Saturday plans

  1. Good to see you are back.

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