Shopping for clothes – at home

20.03.13 019
I’ve been shopping for clothes at home this week. My weight still hasn’t stopped lurching through the endless cycle of ups and downs that started when I had my daughter nearly three years ago. I’ve somehow managed to put on over half a stone in the last month or two. Don’t ask how – I’m eating the same things in the same way I always do! Anyway, I’ve been avoiding certain clothes because I know they will ride up or make me self conscious so I thought it was time for a sort out.
In our new bedroom we have a large fitted wardrobe (hooray!) and I have two rails for hanging tops. I quickly went through the rails and put all of my tops in a larger size on the top rail and all of the ones that are currently a bit too small on the bottom rail. It took less than five minutes but it was so much easier getting dressed this morning! They aren’t all my favourite clothes but at least I don’t feel uncomfortable and self conscious in them. I have no doubt I’ll manage to ease my weight back down again over time but at least I’ll look a bit better while I’m trying to get there!
I’ve also been oggling a few blogs and websites that have really made me want some new clothes and accessories. However, I’m not buying anything this month as I’m trying to put a bit extra back and I wouldn’t even know what size to buy them in! So, it was back to my old trick of rustling through my various boxes and drawers of accessories to see if I could find anything that I had forgotten about. As I had already done this fairly recently I didn’t come up with much but I did stumble upon a three tiered necklace with turquoise beads which I bought in Sainsbury’s (of all places) a few years ago and never really wore. There seems to be quite a bit of turqouise and mint green around this Spring so I’ve put it on my necklace stand to remind me to get some wear out of it! Speaking of mint green, I also found the hair clip pictured at the top. Pretty, isn’t it? I bought it in Accessorize more years ago than I can remember. For some reason I’ve never really worn it. I’m wearing it today as it goes with one of my ‘larger’ size tops which has tiny little flowers in the same colour printed all over it. My daughter was most impressed by it – I think she’s only ever seen my hair tied back with blonde coloured hair bands! And there you have it – a totally free shopping trip!
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