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Where have I been?

Sorry, once again, for the lack of posts. I suddenly had to deal with another round of huge changes at work (on a similar scale to a couple of years ago) and I have literally been swamped. It has been a really busy time though things are just about settling down now. We’ve also got the house finished. I know! Miracle of miracles! There are a few bits here and there that need to be done but we are actually ready to go on the market asnd those last few things can be done anytime – they aren’t critical. We’ve had a couple of estate agents up for valuations and we’ve also spoken to a financial advisor. Good news on both fronts. The house value hadn’t dropped quite as much as we thought (though I think we’ll have to take a lot less to actually get a sale) and it turns out we can borrow a lot more (for a lot less) than it seemed initially. Although we are on relatively small incomes we should make enough from selling this place to have a good deposit and the fact that we have no debt, other than the mortgage, has also been a big factor. So all good! Of course we sat here with it on the market for 18 months last time and had no offers so who knows? But the estate agents seemed positive and commented on how well presented it is so that is good. It was definitely worth the expense and hassle in replacing the upstairs windows and the front door.

I’m not going to look (very much!) at what is available until we’ve got an offer but over the last few weeks we’ve had a look online at houses in our area to get an idea of what is about. Now we have a higher budget to play with than we thought we know we can get something we will actually enjoy living in. I had begun to think it was going to be impossible to stay in our town (which we love living in) but we now it seems that we ought to be able to afford somewhere with 3 bedrooms, a bit of a garden and parking. Major, major, major result! The next couple of weeks will be busy with getting the energy survey done, choosing which agent to go with and getting the details and photographs done. But we are so close!

And now I have to calm down and carry on because these things take time. I’m thinking about rearranging my savings plan. I had been trying to get to £3k on my savings fund and am on just over £2k. However, I am now thinking that it might be better to divert my savings for the next few months towards to the house fund so we’ve got as much cash as possible at our disposal. Potentially we’ll have to do work on whatever house we might buy and I’d like to have cash saved for that. Maybe for central heating or a new bathroom or whatever. Ooh, exciting…

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