New food budget – phew!

The new food budget for the next month was available and I did a big shop! I am so glad – last month was far too tight for my liking! Anyway, we seemed to have run out of everything and I had to stock up on what I consider to be expensive items like coffee, cereal, cornflour, ketchup, clothes wash….you know…the real storecupboard stuff! And wow does it add up when you have to buy it all in one go! I couldn’t resist a few extra treats like some strawberries which my girlie is crazy about and also a pack of 8 chocolate chip brioche for 99p. For once I was actually really pleased with some of the prices on things such as:

  • Lemon curd – 22p a jar from the Value range: good on a pice of toast in the evening and more budget/waistline friendly than buying a dessert!
  • Yeast extract (ie fake Marmite) – 1.89 for a jar and much cheaper than the branded one. I was sceptical but budget conscious enough to give it a go. It isn’t quite the same but it’s close enough for it to be worth the saving!
  • Honey 99p a jar in the value range.
  • Cucumbers – 90p each or two for £1. Total no brainer! Plus we’ve been having cucumber and carrot sticks as an evening nibble lately so a winner for us.
  • Toothpaste – £1 each. We’d run out both upstairs and downstairs so I picked the two on offer.
  • Branflakes – 88p for a mahoosive box. I bought some of these last month (from the Tesco Value range) and was seriously impressed. They taste just as good as anyone else’s and are a fraction of the price. I sprinkle a few sultanas on mine – much cheaper than buying the kind with the fruit added!

I was really ******* off about the price increase on clothes wash. I can’t find a receipt but I’m pretty sure that Tesco’s colour clothes wash is usually £1.80. Has been for ages. I went to buy some yesterday and found that they were on offer at 2 for £4.50. WHAT?! Apparently it is now £2.49 for a single bottle. That’s a massive increase! I ended up having to buy the seriously budget version which was a much bigger bottle at £2.39. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not snobby about labels. It’s just that I’ve found using really cheap washing liquid can really fade your clothes. I only get away with wearing my clothes for years and years and years (as I realised I did when I sold some stuff on eBay) because I look after them well. I’ve tried a few budget brands before and was amazed at the difference (not in a good way). Anyway, this ‘Daisy’ brand claims to be a ‘colour’ friendly liquid so I guess I’ll find out!

My budget for the month is £200 and the big shop came to £62.78. This leave me with £137.22 to get to the end of April. However, this ought to be doable now that I’ve bought just about all of the storecupboard/washing type items that we’ll need for the month. Also we’ve started eating a fair bit of pasta. I went off pasta for a long time (only having any when I made a batch of lasagne) but I can’t deny that a) it’s quick and easy, b) it’s cheap and c) kids really do love it! The other day I concocted a sauce using half a tub of soft cheese, a chopped courgette, frozen peas and frozen sweetcorn – huge hit in the shoestring house! I’ll be making that one again…

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10 thoughts on “New food budget – phew!

  1. Sounds brilliant! Glad you’ve got a good amount of budget left! Good Luck! Happy Easter! 🙂

  2. Linda

    Great read….Happy Easter from me too.

  3. Gemma

    Hey, do you have any ideas on snacks (at home and when out) for kids that are cheap, my kids are big snackers and not so good with meals so I like to have lots of snacky things in, they also snack on cereal, toast and crackers a lot. I used to buy things like babybels, cereal bars and stuff but it’s too expensive! I am very impressed with how much you manage to spend on food each month, I really need to cut down!

  4. shoestringalley

    HI Gemma, I’ll have a think on this and maybe write a post a bit later on!

  5. Good post missus. I’m back blogging by the way. Hoping to pick up a few tips from you.

  6. Price increases are getting crazy in the supermarkets, especially for healthy things. Pasta has become my new best friend as well as potatoes. We used to buy quorn items as it was cheaper than meat, but even that seems to be getting more expensive, You seem so good at budgeting though, well done x

  7. Buying in bulk is insurance for saving money, I have found. Is this something you can do? In the US there are a ton of stores that provide items in bulk but I don’t know what it’s like there. It can lead to wasting food, etc. but I am careful with what I purchase and I save money.

  8. Hi

    This is really late, but I was just wondering if you’ve ever tried soap nuts for washing? I find for everyday washing they get things nice and clean, and I’ll just use something to brighten the colours or whiten the whites every few months. They work out really cheap as it is, but I boil them to make my own washing liquid which stretches them a bit further and works a lot better than very cheap clothes washing liquid.

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