Making money!

I’ve just finished my 3rd round of auctions on eBay. It is horribly addictive! I already posted about getting myself a dress and jacket after the first lot. After the second round I also bought a bundle of clothing for my girlie (which has yet to arrive so I have no idea what it will be like. Anything I don’t like will be re-listed straight away) and a small gift for someone. I then cleared out the remaining balance as some unexpected bills have cropped up this month (we had to have a plumber out and it cost £70). I was a bit gutted to lose my proceeds but also grateful that I had them there!

No fear though…I’ve made over £30 tonight! I haven’t decided what I’m going to use it for yet so it is just going to stay put for now. Tomorrow I’ll be rummaging and photographing to get ready for round 4!

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3 thoughts on “Making money!

  1. Wow you are doing really well! I’ll be listing my maternity clothes on ebay as soon as I can. Yesterday I treated myself to a necklace I’d had my eye on and paid for it with ebay earnings, I love no guilt shopping 😉

  2. Jo

    Well done you – I’ve never sold on eBay, but I have a little pile of things that I plan to list soon. Do you have any tips?

  3. We’ve been selling on ebay for years and it’s been insurance for our Christmas budget! We just use all of our proceeds for our presents to the family. It’s saved us a bundle over the years.

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