Eating rubbish food is…rubbish!

The lack of food budget is beginning to get a bit tiresome now. I’m eating up all of the stuff I don’t really want or like. I bought a bag of frozen salmon fillets a while back and I’m not keen. Whenever I’ve bought fresh salmon in the past it has been lovely. This stuff is verging on tough and smells really fishy (yeah, yeah, I know salmon is a fish but you know what I mean!). Still, it’s already there and it is a good source of protein. I suppose. And then there’s the soup I made that went wrong and is really thin and horrible. I’ve still got 3 blinkin’ portions in the freezer! Still, that’s 3 lunches next week that I don’t really have to bother about. I find eating food that I’m really not enjoying quite depressing though. Still, the way I’ve got to think of it is that I’m getting rid of a load of useless stuff and making room for some nicer food while spending hardly anything.

That said I think I’m going to crack and top the food fund up. I’ve got a week off next week as my parents/childminding team are away! I’m not in the holiday zone whatsoever and keep subconsciously making plans for next week that revolve around when I would be working. I’m actually going to do a bit of overtime so I can save even more next month. Anyway, when I do remember I’ve got the week off I keep thinking about all of the batch cooking that I could be doing or how I could try out one or two new recipes. And then, of course, I remember there is no room in the budget for anything extra. So I think I might move an extra £10 or so in from the slush fund. It’s not as if we’re going to be doing any eating out or anything holidayish like that!

My plans for this week off are very low key but I’m really looking forward to it. Mostly I’m looking forward to spending every single day with my girlie. I’m also planning on doing some finishing touches on the house, having a go at replacing the sealant around the bath and kitchen sink, cooking some (hopefully) good food, hanging out with my other ‘Mum’ friends, going to visit my Gran, walking on the beach and generally being domestic. And it will be very cheap! Thankfully I get paid next week so I’ll have petrol in the car (the digital display says I have less than 20 miles before I run out) and maybe a few pennies in my pocket!

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One thought on “Eating rubbish food is…rubbish!

  1. Not sure how old your daughter is but I used to take them on the bus. Into town, play in the park, cake or cookie made at home day before, home on the bus. A whole day out (well not really a whole day but they thought it was), cheapish, depending on their ages and the main deal they loved it cos they went everywhere in the car. Also done one train stop, cake on station, one train stop home, we cycled on the station that day, very famous five.

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