Stretching the pennies and making a few more!

The other day I bought these gorgeous little letterpress cards from Paperchase:

The photo really doesn’t do them justice. A box of 8 costs £4.75 so about 59p per card (much cheaper than buying cards individually). I think they will be perfect for birthdays or thank-you’s or whatever occasion might come up!

I’ve been busy ebaying for the last week and have sold quite a few items of clothing. My ‘profits’ have now gone over £50 and I have quite a few things still listed with bids on and people watching. Good times! I’ve used some of the proceeds to get myself a couple of things also from eBay including a casual, lightweight jacket (something I don’t own) and a wrap dress (an optimistic purchase since dresses and I don’t generally mix well but I live in hope!). It is nice to see yet more space emerging as my clothes storage space is very limited. I’m in the frame of mind to get rid of yet more stuff. I have so many items of clothing that I just don’t wear so I’m going to keep at it!

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2 thoughts on “Stretching the pennies and making a few more!

  1. Alison B43

    We are all with you on this. It seems like you we have been downsizing for over a year now (for completely different reason) and it is amazing how much ‘stuff’ you keep hold of. It has been a real eye-opener as to how many clothes I owned, but how few I actually wore. I have not listed clothes on ebay, but lots of other bits and pieces that should have been long gone, and I am thrilled with the extra money we have earned, the charity shop has benefited from some clothes, and I am saving tee shirts for a fellow blogger for craftwork! Keep up the good work. (it’s great to have you blogging more regularly again). x

  2. shoestringalley

    Hi Alison! How are you doing? Yes, I also realise more and more how little clothing I really need. I mean, I do like a good selection but not so much I can’t see all of what I’ve got! Most of my unwanted stuff goes to the charity shop but over the last few years I’ve kept back things that I thought would sell well (like a Boden dress and skirt). It’s been nice to make a few extra £s and have some very guilt-free spending money! x

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