Ooh – extra money!

I’ve finally got around to doing it – I’ve sold some things on eBay! I listed five items of clothing last week and every one of them has sold (the cheapest went for 99p plus P&P, the top seller went for £16!). I haven’t had all of my payments in yet, I haven’t paid the eBay fees and the first items won’t be posted until tomorrow. I always keep padded envelopes when I receive them and so I’ve got a good enough stash not to have to waste money on packaging, I’ll just have to pay for the postage. I reckon that after expenses I will have ended up clearing just under £30 for stuff that has been sitting in drawers for aeons. Yippee! I have already listed a few more items and need to do a spot of photographing tomorrow for a few other things I’ve had put to one side. It will be good to gain some space having made extra cash while I’m at it! I’m going to keep the money in my eBay account and use it for buying summer clothes. I’ve also spied something on eBay that could make a great present so it could be used for that too. I’m excited!

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2 thoughts on “Ooh – extra money!

  1. Yay! I’m starting a little eBay listing this weekend (I keep putting it off)

  2. Linda

    Well done you.

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