I don’t have time for this!

I can’t believe it – I’ve got a cold. I’m no good at being ill anymore. Not that I was ever particularly great at it but I used to be able to do stuff like loll around with a blanket, drinking tea and spending time with my eyes closed for indefinate periods of time. Now I’m too busy looking after the wee one and trying to get through mountains of work. I clocked the lurgie at about 5am when I realised I had a sore, swollen throat and a runny nose. My first thought? ‘I don’t have time for this!’. And I really don’t. I’ve got such a busy week lined up – why now??? Grrrrrr!!!!!! I just hope that I don’t lose the momentum that has taken me forever to build up…

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4 thoughts on “I don’t have time for this!

  1. Aww… 😦 Time for lots of citrus & extra sleep! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Oh no, hope you feel better soon!!

    Being sick is no fun 😦

  3. Linda

    Get well soon xx

  4. Oh no, try and take it easy… easier said than done with a little one to look after though x

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