Full fridge, empty pockets!

The fridge is full, the bank is empty. Kinda. Our pay days have been and gone, money has been shuffled and allocated and there is pretty much nothing left! We’ve finished off one fund relating to our move…whenever that may eventually happen. Basically it should cover our stamp duty, solicitors fees and a bit towards the rip-off mortgage admin fees (note: why should we pay an admin fee to use the only service they offer, ie a mortgage? They couldn’t have a business if they didn’t process paperwork. Blatant rip off…). Anyway, that’s all safely tucked in an ISA and completed in time for the end of the financial year. Come April I’ll be speaking to my ISA provider and finding out what rate I’ll be on for 2012/3 and whether it can be increased or if it would be best transfered elsewhere. Same goes for my other ISAs (one holds my emergency fund, strictly only for loss of jobs or extreme disaster of the type I can’t even imagine and the other is my top secret future fund which should be completed later this year).

Now I’m going to start looking for a fresh new ISA (you always seem to get the very best % as a new customer somewhere) to open from April where we can start stashing funds for the deposit on our next house. I’m looking forward to having a fresh, spanking new account for this new fund (new because our previous savings were going into the fund for moving costs, not the actual deposit)!

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4 thoughts on “Full fridge, empty pockets!

  1. You seem very motivated to save, yay 🙂

    I always feel broke every payday cuz I sit there for a good half hour and transfer funds so that I increase my savings but lower my checking account to near poverty level sometimes 😉

  2. shoestringalley

    Ha – I so know that feeling! Generally I try to be a bit more cautious and leave myself with funds to last the month in case something comes up. This month, however, I’ve thrown caution to the wind and chucked everything I’ve got at our various savings pots!

  3. Jo

    I don’t know what your timescales are, but when we sorted out our ISAs a month or so ago, this deal http://www.coventrybuildingsociety.co.uk/savings-and-investments/Cash-ISAs/Five-Year-Fixed-Rate-ISA/Five-Year-Fixed-Rate-ISA.aspx was the best we could find.

    You’re doing brilliantly with your saving!

    • shoestringalley

      Thanks for the tip Jo. I’m going to get serious about my investigating over the next few weeks!

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