Get the house scrubbed up

I’m still enjoying my £1.56 bargain flowers!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to make the house look more presentable in readiness for trying to sell. There are a several things that only Husband will be able to do but, in the mean time, I’ve been cracking on with what I can. I have:

  • Washed the shower curtain (something I ought to do more often)
  • Been doing extra cleaning and dusting
  • Tidied up one of the cupboards under the stairs (I’d love to really clear it out and then tart it up but I don’t have the time/funds/patience. We don’t have an attic so the two under stair cupboards are our only storage for EVERYTHING. Thus they are never going to look show home-ish). The stuff in the upstairs one, however, is now stacked as neatly as possible and has been vacuum cleaned and dusted.
  • Used one of those washbags designed to hang on the back of a hotel bathroom door to neatly store bath time toys. That washbag has been in a drawer for years – I’m glad I hung on to it now! The bathroom looks so much neater for this one little thing.
  • Replaced the tatty paper lampshade in the entrance hall with something a bit smarter from Homebase (£19.99)
  • Re-organised a few key areas where the eye falls as you enter certain rooms (like the sideboard in the living room) so there are more clear surfaces
  • Finally found a place to store our CDs (I have lived with them being in two cardboard boxes on the landing for two years)

Doing these things have made a real difference and yet the only expense has been the lampshade – the rest has come about from using things I already had (from wash bags to cleaning products) and sheer elbow grease!

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7 thoughts on “Get the house scrubbed up

  1. Linda

    You have been doing a grand job,lol.I really enjoy reading your blogs.Please keep up the good work.LINDA X

  2. shoestringalley

    Bless you Linda! x

  3. Ah, you need to get me round, I have far too much nesting energy! I’m quite tempted to get rid of our CD collection altogether. Hope the selling goes well for you

    • shoestringalley

      Eee – nesting! Hope you’re doing well. Our CD collection was subject to a massive cull. We’ve just got the ones left that we (at some undisclosed point in the future) will transfer to ipods etc.

  4. Glad you’re back to blogging regularly 🙂

    • shoestringalley

      Thanks Jo! I’ve had a good break and now I’m ready to go full steam ahead!

  5. Well Done! I think you’re blog is absolutley brilliant!x Good luck with all your saving goals!x

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