Food shopping (while taking one step forward and two steps back)

I hate to rely on cliches, but don’t you just hate it when it feels like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back? Just this week I have arranged to do a few extra hours a month and was looking forward to being able to put some extra in the House Fund and this morning I get a letter saying that from April we will no longer be getting any child tax credits. Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful to get them in the first place and I know the economy is down the toilet and cuts have to be made but I’m also not going to pretend that a loss of £70 a month isn’t a very unwelcome piece of news. I would have to work hours and hours to earn £70 after tax and national insurance which means that even with me putting more hours in I’m still going to end up worse off! Grrrr.

Really lovely looking Pork Medallions reduced from £4.49 to £3.35. These have gone in the freezer ready for a treat another day!

Anyways, on to shopping news. Little one and I went and did the main weekly shop earlier which came in at £21.87. We tend to do a couple of extra pick ups in the week for milk and maybe fruit, bread or salad as I don’t like buying fresh stuff (that I can’t freeze) too far in advance in case it goes manky before I can use it. The £21.87 included quite a few things that had been reduced and a few non-food items, like washing up liquid and some gorgeous flowers that had been reduced to £1.56! I’ve got a fair bit of stuff in the freezer, including the results of various batch cooking sessions in the last few weeks so we should be all set.


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2 thoughts on “Food shopping (while taking one step forward and two steps back)

  1. The flowers are lovely!

    I often buy meat on “reduced-for-quick-sale” too… I’ve never had problems with freshness as long as I freeze right way and it feels great getting the bargain in the process!

    • shoestringalley

      Yes, it does feel good getting something when it’s reduced, particularly meat which can be expensive!

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