Five weeks – £162.35 food budget

With the way the cash situation has worked out we basically have £162.35 left to feed all three of us for the next five weeks – argh! That will be an average of £32.47 a week. It’s important to us that our little girl gets plenty of fruit and veg so I won’t be compromising on that and I’ll cut back elsewhere if I have to. There’s a fairly good stock of food in the freezer (as much as the 4 drawers can hold anyway) and enough bits and bobs in the cupboards I hope. I’ll try to keep blogging about the food situation through the month as, when I first started this blog, it was a really useful tool for keeping me on track.

On the subject of food, now that January (and the onslaught of birthdays) is over with, I’ve had a bit more success with my weight loss. Counting from my highest weight last month to now, I’ve lost a smidge over 6 pounds which I’m really, really happy with. I’m still in the larger size clothes but I think it will only take another 4 or 5 pounds before I can start wearing some of my old stuff again. Yippee!

I remain hopeful about the food budget situation over the coming month because the secret to my weight loss success is that I’m eating, and therefore spending, less. I know – shocking isn’t it? I’ve blogged before about why so many of us find it so hard to follow a common sense approach to weight loss. I, like many others, am more comfortable with a set of rules to follow. Recently I even had a crack at calorie counting which was good on one hand because I could have a bit of whatever I liked but was also bad because what I generally want is cake and that isn’t particularly good for you. It is also hard finding something that fits in with your particular lifestyle. Anyway, I’ve basically lost the weight by eating 3 healthy meals a day and absoloutely ZERO snacks. ZERO. It works – plus it is a much cheaper way of eating so win, win!

And now I’ve got to pay close attention so that the food budget stay firmly under control over the next five weeks…

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